Oceana's Stop Overfishing Best Website Design

Deep in the ocean, schools of fish swim freely in their uniquely beautiful aquatic environment. Unfortunately, their lives are endangered as overfishing has become a massive problem. As overfishing becomes more prevalent, the delicate ecosystem beneath the surface becomes unstable. Oceana’s Stop Overfishing initiative is working hard to raise awareness and combat this.

From the moment you land on the website -- where you're greeted with a delicate and poignant introduction -- you're immersed in the cause.

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Oceana's Stop Overfishing Web Design

As quickly as the intro comes it goes, and soon you'll find yourself on an ever-moving homepage, watching a school of animated fish navigate the waters. Be sure to turn up your volume, as oceanic white noise accompanies this. 

The dark blues of the ocean around them make it easy to catch sight of the fish as they move, and the captivating display draws users in. 

From the homepage, you can choose to open up a hamburger menu from the left. This menu outlines everything you might want to know about Stop Overfishing. It is neatly organized, with a bold white font topping the vibrant ocean blue.

Segment titles appropriately line up on the left of the page, relying on where your eyes naturally fall first to catch your attention. Pick one and watch as you expand the page to learn more about Oceana, overfishing, and how you can help. An eclectic collection of video clips, tables, and facts are also compiled for you in well-organized lists of white and green. It makes for easy reading and quick understanding as you fall deeper into the website’s cause.

Oceana's Stop Overfishing Web Design Modal Window

And when all's said and done, head on back to the homepage to make an impact of your own. Stop Overfishing gives you the option to become a permanent part of their website by joining the school of fish you initially saw swimming about the page. Add a fish, leave a message, and share on Twitter all in one spot -- it’s that easy!

Unsure of what to say? Find inspiration by clicking on any of the swimming fish. As you do, their messages will pop up as the page deepens in color, enabling the white words to stand out. It creates a vivid platform for you to view messages and be impacted by the feelings of others.

Overfishing is a real problem that faces our oceans and Oceana’s Stop Overfishing movement aims to raise awareness for it. The choice for a highly interactive experience allows users to be captivated by the message at hand while the simplicity of the website design holds users' attention.

Oceana's Stop Overfishing is a gradient website design in the education and non-profit industries. 

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