Wyss Institute Great Homepage

The Wyss Institute is an organization that develops disruptive engineering advances informed largely by biology. They marry the organic, the chemical, and the mechanical to create technology that can best serve our lives and protect our natural world. Their home page serves as a visual introduction to the brand of research conducted at the institute, while also creating a sense of wonder and curiosity in the eyes of every user.

The background image of a cell culture in various stages of reproduction is stunning, mysterious, and organically graphic. This isn’t a design that was formatted on some computer; this is the true majesty of nature. By allowing the visual impact of their site to be made from an organic image like this, the Wyss Institute has captured viewers’ attention, while maintaining the specific integrity of their brand.

Wyss Institute Great News Page

Wyss Institute’s “News” section showcases some of their most recent works and technological advances, as well as those throughout the field in general. In this multi-panel layout, users are able to see just how sprawling and immense the institute’s work and influence is. Each panel is showcased with an image that communicates the brand of the institute and the nature of the piece. They all exude technology, futurism, and academia, which could easily be listed as the Wyss Institute’s most valuable criteria. This layout demonstrates the designer’s ability to convey brand through both formatting and content. The images and their layout are equally constituent of the page’s technological, futuristic feel.

Wyss Institute Great Website Design

The designer continues to effectively overwhelm users with format choice on the Wyss Institute’s “About” section. The page is broken up between both text and video that each mutually reinforce the Wyss Institute’s brand and mission. By providing an all-encompassing multimedia display to showcase what the institute is about, the designer continues to communicate an image of comprehensive technology.

Wyss Institute is a great website design in the Education and Technology industries.