Panini Bay Great Homepage

Popular New Jersey restaurant Panini Bay is known for its classic Italian dishes and romantic atmosphere. Its minimal approach, vivid imagery, parallax transitions, and typography interface offer a refreshing approach to web design.

The home page is a beautiful full screen with clean lines of symmetry that enhance the UI. On the left side of the screen is a high-resolution photo of one of their popular dishes, which works well with the white background and the translucent fixed-header menu.

One thing to mention is Panini Bay’s choice of typography. It uses a serif typeface and italicized lettering that breaks up the home page. The attractive textual content encourages users to continue scrolling through the website.

Panini Bay Great Website Design

The top right corner of each page displays a hamburger menu. When selected, a sitemap menu slides out from the right side of the page. Each page title is italicized, and when a user moves a cursor over a title, the typeface color will change from black to gray. The play on typography shifts attention to the content and social media buttons below.

Across the website, users will view high-quality images of popular dishes that are served at the restaurant. Each image uses a parallax-inspired setting to make it look like a three-dimensional object appears in a two-dimensional space.

Panini Bay Great About Page

Panini Bay’s “About” page uses a minimal concept that doesn’t exhibit heavy content. As users scroll down, they will read a short timeline about the history of Panini Bay.

Further down the page, an automated side scroll of images from the restaurant plays. Each image is a wide screen, high-resolution photograph that captures users’ attention and influences the UX interface.

Panini Bay Minimalist Layout

Panini Bay’s web design is a clean, minimalist layout that uses imagery to showcase the restaurant. It offers viewers a classic look that makes the website easy to navigate, encouraging possible customers to visit the restaurant.

Panini Bay is a great website design in the Food & Beverage industry.