The Plough Inn Elegant Homepage

The hospitality market can get a little crowded, especially in tourism hotspots like the Lake District, UK. In the increasingly globalized market that the Internet has created, a skilled web presence is a must for a successful hotel or resort.

The Plough Inn website provides high-end accommodations and dining in the middle of the Lake District. Landing on the home page, the user is greeted by a full screen slideshow of images. The pictures are faded to a darker color, creating a cozy feeling and allowing the copy to remain the center of attention.

A transparent navigation bar at the top of the screen hosts the Plough Inn logo. The logo features an illustration of a dancing pony, evoking the rustic feel of the Inn. The logo also presents two contrasting typefaces. “The” in “The Plough,” appears in a typeface that seems to have been handwritten, with an exaggerated ascender on the “h.” “Plough” is seen in an elegant, serifed typeface. The combination of these two typefaces highlights the juxtaposition between old world charm and modern conveniences found at the Plough Inn.

Scrolling down, the user can see two images set against white negative space. Text superimposed upon each image reads, “Hungry?” or “Tired?” leading to the Inn’s restaurant and accommodations, respectfully. The question format of the copywriting demonstrates how the Inn can add immediate value to the life of the user.

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The Plough Inn Elegant Product Page

Using either the navigation menu or backlinks integrated into the home page, the user can find the landing page for the Plough Inn’s restaurant. Delicious images of the food and the full menu allow the food to speak for itself, eliminating the need for much copywriting.

Through dark colors, striking images, and elegant typeface, the Plough Inn manages to cultivate a feeling of luxury on their web page. If pictures of their decadent meals and indulgent rooms aren’t enough to hook the reader, then nothing is. 

The Plough Inn is an elegant website design in the Hospitality, Luxury and Travel industries. 

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