Boosted Elegant Homepage

Boosted is a branding and design company that specializes in elevating brands’ perceived echelon of prestige. They take a company’s image and attempt to raise it to a whole other level of public perception, using web design, brand development, and consumer outreach as their tools.

Evocative of this transformative process is this homepage and its various design elements. The image of a skyscraper piercing the sky to the point that it vanishes is used as a visual stand-in for the transformative and elevated experience of Boosted brand overhaul.

Users will use this as a visual cue to the capacity of Boosted and the end result they can expect to find associated with their new brand. Other than that image, the only other features of the page is the text “Let’s boost it high up to the skies”, a phrase that personalizes the process and evokes a sense of collaboration.

The designer of this page has done an excellent job providing strategic design elements that build positive associations with the company’s brand and the experience of the site.

Boosted Elegant Services Page

On this “About” page, users can find out everything they could want to know about Boosted’s services. If the homepage was meant to evoke the possibility of working with Boosted, this page is about validating that possibility. Here, they detail the ways that they’ll elevate a company’s brand into a new caliber of perception. By providing an explanation of services, after a promise of prestige, this designer is telling an effective narrative that will ultimately lead to sales.

Boosted Elegant Gallery Design

In tandem with the “About” page, this portfolio section also endeavors to legitimize the homepage’s sub textual claims. A variety of high end projects are put on display for users to engage with and see the results. This portfolio has been perfectly curated to reinforce the exact brand that the entire site has thus far attempted to establish. The projects are elegant and luxurious, synergizing well with the designer’s broad theme for the site. This is an excellent payoff to the brand promises of the site and indicates that this designer knows how to bring the meat as well as the garnish.

Boosted is a top website design in the Advertising and Professional Services industries.