Princeton University Professional Homepage

In a competitive and connected world, reputations are hard earned and harder kept. No one knows that better than world class school, Princeton University. Established in the late 18th century, this university now stands as one of the world’s most prestigious places of education and boasts a student body from over ninety different countries around the globe. Their undergraduate admissions site is sharp and clear, consistent with what one would expect from a top tier ivy league school. Check out some of the best university web designs here.

Princeton’s undergraduate admissions home page features a slightly corporate feel with color schemes drawn from the black, white, and orange highlighted in their university seal. The seal appears in outline and logo format across pages, and crisp white text is accented by thin orange lines. All these features stand against a backdrop with moving images and video content from all parts of the school, including arts, athletics, and architecture.

Princeton University Professional About Page

The design is created with parents and potential students in mind, and it delivers an easily accessible interface to achieve this goal. The site comes with a multi-lingual function and relies on animated graphics and text to exhibit unique university elements. Navigation links are spread evenly across the top header and shift colors and underlining in response to user interaction. Blurred photos spread across full screen backgrounds, allowing buttons with fill effects to pop off of the page in familiar orange color.

When users scroll for more information, white backgrounds are broken up by faded orange columns with informative content, and written material uses bright links, bullet points, and numbers to divide longer paragraphs for visual interest. As users explore campus life, academic, and school blog pages, video material is overlaid with moving text, and thumbnails with zoom effects entice users to interact with additional content about faculty and programs. Small orange icons direct users to mobile and on-site information sessions, and a virtual tour gives potential students a strong sense of the university’s values, aesthetic, and culture. Site design is classy and clean, properly reflecting the prestigious reputation of the school while still extending a warm invitation to users or applicants from all over the world.

Princeton University is a professional website design in the Education industry.