Rob Mills Beautiful Homepage

Meet Rob Mills, Residential Architects. With a creative eye for a little bit of everything, the company takes designs phenomenal homes from the ground up, which their website showcases clearly. 

Simplicity is key to Rob Mills and their homepage showcases that incredibly. The darkened image of the twilight hour over the ocean encompasses the home page. The unfocused photograph allows for Rob Mills’ bold and blocky logo to be easily visible. Only two navigation tags give you direction on the page, letting you choose how you begin your adventure on the company’s site. Will you watch the video or head straight to the site?

Maintaining simplicity, you’ll find that the 'about page' relies on visual stimulation to impress and impact. Stunning matte photographs are lined up next to one another, coordinating with words laid out in the center of each image. The gorgeous combination introduces you readily to the different areas the company is willing to take on.

Let our eyes glance at the bottom of the page briefly as you take in the lovely layout. You’ll find a minute menu to assist your navigation throughout their site. Earthy tones complement the selection of photographs, tying the page together nicely. 

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Rob Mills Beautiful News Page

Don’t rely just on what the company has to say about their skills! Rob Mills puts together a great press page for you to dive into and see what others have to say. Drawing on the earthy tones used in the menu, the entire press page is a gorgeous solid color. The natural color complements every aspect of every press release.

Within a press mention, the page is filled with images pulled directly from the press release or magazine written about the company. The images are clear and well defined, making it easy for you to see how the article comes together. The straight-forward approach lets you experience the article for how it was meant to be experienced as if you found it and picked it up for yourself.

Rob Mills maintains a highly simplified platform to create a friendly user experience. Images become the foundation for user interpretation, visually stimulating them without overwhelming with lines of text and ensuring this website design is superb by all accounts. 

Rob Mills is a beautiful website design in the Architecture and Professional Services industries.

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