Realty Mogul Clean Web Design

Interested in investing so you make money when you’re not even looking? Drop by Realty Mogul, crowdfunding for commercial real estate. Pick a commercial real estate property, invest your select amount of money, and sit back to let Realty Mogul take care of the rest. With Realty Mogul, your money is in safe hands.

With such an impressive idea as investing your money from the comfort of your own home, Realty Mogul has to work hard to gain your trust and your partnership right from the start. Hazy imagery and an airy background create an open atmosphere that compliments this idea perfectly. It invites you and has you quickly scouring the page to take in everything Realty Mogul has to offer.

The homepage takes organization into consideration as a key element for a clean presentation of content on multiple ideas. Realty Mogul puts the open background to use by creating wide gaps between segments on the page. The blank space lets you move smoothly to the next set of ideas. 

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Realty Mogul Professional Website

Continuing with the website’s open premise, Realty Mogul brings you a fantastic About page as a way to introduce themselves and their concept to you. Simplistic illustrations are a guiding force on the page, pulling your gaze through each piece of information. Not only are they a quirky additive to the page, but they serve the greater purpose of giving you direction on the page.

To make the highest impact possible on the About page, Realty Mogul embeds a detailed video on the page Turn your volume up and sit back to find out how the company can work for you. Shot in documentary style, the video is highly professional and is easy to watch as a result.

Keep an eye out for the color orange as you go through their website! The vibrant color is important. From buttons to illustrations, numbers to words, the accenting color highlights tidbits of information that you need to pay attention to. It’s a brilliant choice as the accenting color stands out against the plain background and is easy to see.

Realty Mogul takes commercial real estate investment to the next level by incorporating the concept of crowdfunding. An invitation is an atmosphere that Realty Mogul focuses on by using open backgrounds, bright colors, and well-placed imagery.

Realty Mogul is a professional website design in the Banking & Finance, Professional Services and Real Estate industries.

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