Co D Colorful Homepage

Co is a web design studio that focuses on marrying the functionality of powerful coding with the user impact of stunning, cohesive design. Co understands “how” users are affected by “what,” and how to create that effect with a highly dualistic approach. They refuse to drop the ball technically, while focusing on aesthetics, and vice-versa.

Their relationship of high-end coding and stunning visual composition is captured excellently here on the site’s home page. The 8-bit look and classic metropolitan arcade imagery instills a technical, programmed feel to the site. This serves as a visual calling card to the complementary interplay of coding and design. By developing a stunning layout with a style that evokes a sense of programming, the designer has effectively communicated the strength of the relationship between the technical and the creative.

Co D Colorful Website Design

Here, Co elaborates on their site’s core thesis. Again, the visual palette of the page is evocative of an old-school arcade and the programming connotations that go along with it. The design elements are sparse and angular, conveying a sense of fun that is complemented by the graphic and creative font choice. The playfulness of the site is developed one step forward here, while the computerized aesthetic remains in tact. The designer continues to immerse viewers in a unique and engaging design that also reinforces the company’s specific brand.

Co D Colorful About Page

The “About” section of the site focuses on the company’s staff in a highly graphic and iconic way. Planets, stars, and other abstract angular design elements dot the page. Meanwhile, the photographs and underlying text of the site serves as a more direct introduction to the company at a human level. Between the evocations of the page’s design and the deliberate statements of the text, users finally have a complete sense of the company’s services. The home page introduced an evocative aesthetic that was sustained throughout the site, while the next two pages served to directly contextualize these ideals with slightly more direct commentary. The designer provided a full experience, based on a brand-tested aesthetic, to create an immersive and effective user experience.

Co D is a colorful website design in the Advertising and Professional Services industries.