Sweet Leaf Iced Tea Colorful Homepage

Sweet Leaf Iced Teas put together a promotional campaign to celebrate their history and range of products. The interactive and animated mini-site utilized scrolling and illustrations to walk users through the timeline of the company, the flavors available, and then some additional perks and information.

The UX, as mentioned, is largely based on the animated illustrations on the website. As you scroll down you’re greeted with a colorful representation of the various iced tea flavors. The graphics are very nicely sketched and they add the feeling that the company is more like a big family than just another brand. As you interact with the site you’ll have the chance to read some ‘Grannyisms’ that are underneath bottle caps which you can flip - a fun and entertaining touch.

Sweet Leaf Iced Tea Colorful Product Page

The timeline that showcases the product history again takes advantage of some playful graphics and designs. Although the main page of the site doesn’t contain too much information, the additional product pages are quite interesting and they continue the trend of using animated illustrations to add some joy to the user experience.

Throughout the site, there are an array of colors, with black being used for most of the copy and cartoon-ish headings adding yet more creativity to the design. The wide, heavy headings with their black outline and powerful red fill resemble something you’d generally associate with a comic strip. The slightly scribbly, narrow font adds an element of the innocent to the site and makes it feel like someone almost handwrote the pages rather than typed them.

Overall, the website is a thoroughly enjoyable experience and it also manages to inform you of the various products without being overpowered by the animations or cartoon elements of the design. Although the mobile experience isn’t as compelling, the colors and creativity shine through on all devices.

Sweet Leaf Iced Tea is a colorful website design in the E-commerce & Retail and Food & Beverage industries.