Hammerhead Beautiful Homepage

Hammerhead is an athletic technology company whose product guides cyclists through their rides and analyzes their performances afterwards.

On the homepage, they feature their two main products: H1, which shows bikers where to go, and Karoo, a connected cycling computer. These techologies enable cyclists to explore, perform analyses, and make social connections.

Hammerhead's homepage design is composed of full-page background images that compel potential customers to complete a purchase as soon as they enter the website. The use of white space and simple colors make the content easy for users to digest.

On the bottom of the page, Hammerhead uses a full-width grid with large lifestyle images of cyclists to better engage users with their brand values.

Hammerhead Beautiful Product Page

The header on the product detail page includes an immersive, movie-style experience that begins once the user clicks the main call to action. The video makes the products look more interesting and professional because it creates a dynamic experience, thus connecting with a user more effectively than a static image. When the video ends, the user is given a link for the Hammerhead store.

The product page demonstrates bold images with plenty of white space that makes the content easy for users to digest.

Strong photography is one of the most simplest yet most engaging website design trends, and the large product shots on the bikes enhance each product's desirability. There is a professional yet sexy look, with full-page background images that urge potential customers to make a purchase as they scroll down the page.

Hammerhead is a beautiful website design in the E-commerce & Retail, Sports & Leisure and Travel industries.