Honey Clean Homepage

Get ready to shop ‘til you drop and save like never before. Enter: Honey, a website that allows users to scan for coupons and cash-in instant savings for thousands of online retailers—all scams and gimmicks aside.

The site’s homepage kicks the user experience off with a bright, clean, and simple design scheme. Strategically placed orange buttons and text highlight important UI elements, while also paying homage to the company name. The hero image is the company’s deal of the day. Here, a modal window featuring the total savings is layered over the product image. A one-dimensional animated arrow button encourages the user to scroll on down, while keeping in line with the simplicity of the page.

Honey Clean Text Layout

The unexpected contrast of the bold, black text against the stark, white background brings the site’s mission statement front-and-center: it’s like free money! What’s more, keeping text to a bare minimum begs the user to dive deeper into the scroll.

Honey Clean Product Page

Enticing product images, modal coupon windows, and gleaming testimonials slide in, until the user is stopped dead in their tracks with a dynamic grid layout of product images and animations. The animations below the product images show stockpiled savings, and suddenly the rush of bargain-hunting kicks in.

Honey Clean Website Design

Now, the user is presented with a bevy of online retailers to choose from. The information is presented in another easy-to-digest grid menu, which allows users to alphabetically navigate their way through retailers. A simple hover animation highlights the selected retailer, and with a quick click, the user is taken to a new page, brimming with ready-to-activate coupons.

Honey Clean Coupon Page

Once taken to the coupon page, simple orange sliders allow the user to intuit one of two button functions: on or off? The bright, minimal aesthetics of this site allow this company to keep its marketing message short, sweet, and to the point: to save or not to save?

Honey is a clean website design in the Banking & Finance and E-commerce & Retail industries.