Tecnam website design by Digital Silk: homepage screen

Tecnam Website Design Uses Videos And A Detailed Timeline To Deliver Vital Brand Messaging

Founded in 1948, Tecnam is an aircraft manufacturer based in Capua, Italy.

The company is renowned for its next-generation piston planes which they manufacture for commercial operators, flight schools and private owners.

Tecnam’s website was developed and designed by Digital Silk, a creative digital agency focused on growing brands online.

To present the history of the company and its significance in the present day, Digital Silk employed a horizontal timeline and a creative use of aircraft models. The agency also combined videos and high-quality photography for the same effect.

Tecnam web design tab display

The Cutting-Edge Website Reflects The Modern-Day And Historical Prestige Of The Aircraft Brand

The motion graphics on the homepage tell the company’s entire story with a very effective “scrollytelling” technique. It transforms a longform storytelling into an interactive experience as the user scrolls through the website, while video content adds depth and an extra layer of visual appeal.

The Legacy page is yet another example of an immersive visual experience. It lists all of Tecnam’s defining milestones throughout the decades, and the story’s copy is written in a relatable, first-person narrative.

Tecnam’s website displays an economical use of space, down to numerous techniques and types of modules, such as tabs and a gallery showcase. This is applied to all facets of the website, from the news center to the latest technological innovations.

It exemplifies how web designers optimize the layout and functionality of a website, ensuring users can efficiently engage with the content while maintaining a visually appealing interface.

Tecnam web design main navigation menu

A Unique Combination Of Fonts Lends Legibility And Readability To The Content

Tecnam's website showcases a unique combination of serif and sans-serif typefaces in its copy. This blending of typefaces is a common practice employed by brand specialists to create a harmonious balance between elegance and modernity in the overall visual presentation.

The serif typography belongs to the Georgia family of fonts and is predominantly used in headings, subheadings and main menu items. The Verdana sans serif typeface is used in the main copy, bits of content, calls-to-action and other messaging elements.

The fonts are large enough to be quite readable for viewers with impaired vision and, just as importantly, on smartphone screens where a smaller font could compromise legibility.

This way, crucial bits of info are visible across all platforms and devices. Just as importantly, the homepage copy is broken into very short and concise paragraphs that present only the most valuable information.

Call-to-action buttons are quite bold and clearly visible, leading to different spots on the website. The sticky “Find Us” CTA animates when a mouse hovers over it and takes the visitor to the Contact page.

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Tecnam website design font and typography

Tecnam’s Website Color Palette Exudes Exclusivity And Luxury

While the majority of the Tecnam website is all about compelling visuals, timelines, videos and hi-res images, the color palette accentuates bits of copy and other elements like navigation and background.

Gold, navy and a shade of dark teal make up the preferred palette that oozes class, elegance and luxury – the core values and the desired effect Tecnam emanates as a brand.

Even the opening image on the homepage, above the fold, is edited to contain these hues in the skies and the woods above which the plane soars.

Tecnam website design by Digital Silk storytelling and timeline

The Side Navigation On Tecnam’s Website Combines Functionality With High Aesthetic Appeal

The main navigation menu on Tecnam’s website is sticky – meaning it stays on the page the whole time, even as the user scrolls. But unlike the majority of other menus, this one takes the form of a bar on the left-hand side of the screen.

When a user clicks, it slides from the left to take up the entire screen. On the left, are the several main menu items — pages to which a user can go to directly. At the bottom are additional, secondary links.

The main portion of the screen is reserved for an interactive aircraft showcase. When a user hovers over one of the model names, a large photo of the model appears, including the plan specs beneath.

The “Discover” CTA allows users to head to the designated page of every model and get to know more about it.

This kind of side navigation adds another level of functionality to the website, while being just as eye-pleasing as all other pages and elements.

Tecnam website design by Digital Silk news section

A Motion Graphics Website Design Helped Tecnam Boost Brand Awareness And Drive Revenue

Tecnam’s new website aligns with the company’s recognizable brand image and historical importance, beginning with the main tagline “Soar higher.”

A dynamic layout and compelling visuals of this aerospace brand capture visitors and keep them engaged. Greater visibility is ensured by the excellent search engine optimization and adequate page load speed, which is quite commendable given the amount of diverse content.

To maximize user retention rates and overall effectiveness, the mobile version of the website seamlessly reconfigures the desktop site into a one-column layout with the hamburger menu located conveniently at the top left.

In the words of Tecnam’s Managing Director:

Even in these unpredictable times Tecnam keeps launching new initiatives to spread positivity in the market. The new website is an important pillar in Tecnam's new marketing strategies. Just as Tecnam sets the standards in our industry, so does our new website. Our team at Digital Silk has interpreted our proud corporate legacy into a beautiful digital experience.
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