Space Needle Awesome Homepage

Ready for adventure? Ready to reach whole new heights? Then hop on board the Space Needle in Seattle, Washington to view the famous city like you’ve never seen it before.

The Space Needle is the most popular attraction in Seattle, and it’s an experience you definitely don’t want to miss out on. Going to such an iconic place requires some planning, and that’s exactly what the Space Needle’s website is for. Dive into all the things to do while at the Space Needle, and get a feel for what the day will be like.

The landing page of the Space Needle’s website features a full-screen image of the windows of the Space Needle, with a retro-style banner that invites users to explore the sights with a parallax-inspired scroll.

Space Needle Awesome Website Design

Users can take advantage of the brilliance of the Space Needle from the moment they hit the website’s landing page by simply scrolling upward. The simplistic and fun animation takes viewers up and up to the very heights of the Space Needle in a virtual experience. Users can immerse themselves in the attraction and get an idea of some of the views they’ll experience when visiting the actual landmark.

As users scroll more and more, the presented visuals alter to depict images of Seattle’s skyline, the Space Needle’s elevator rising upward, and the observation deck at the top of the tower, among others. A handy bar on the left side of the page keeps track of the user’s current simulated height, moving with the viewer’s scroll process to mimic the actual experience.

Space Needle Awesome Website Design

When you’re ready to go to this iconic location, the website offers the ability to easily buy your tickets online through a safe and secure platform. With tickets in hand, you’ll be ready to explore. After it’s all said and done, users will find themselves in the Space Needle’s “Spacebook,” a collection of pictures taken while at the attraction.

The entire website for the Space Needle centers on the importance of imagery—especially in the case of a tourist attraction. The highly interactive UX and full-screen visuals make for a presentation of the iconic landmark that’s simply unforgettable.

Space Needle is an awesome website design in the Advertising, Entertainment and Travel industries.