The Doral Yard Web Design

Standout features:

  • A very simple homepage
  • Effective use of images and videos
  • Fast and easy UX

The Doral Yard is a restaurant in Doral, Florida that provides a combination of food and live music experience in an embracing, inclusive environment. Their website, designed and developed by The Copper Portico, embraces the best practices of a vibrant, community-driven digital presentation.

Landing on the homepage, the visitor is greeted by a full-screen background video displaying the establishment's amenities in a vivacious, "good vibes" atmosphere. Scrolling down reveals the four-square grid that offers a sneak peek into the restaurant's food and drinks options, live music, operating hours, parking, as well as job vacancies. A social media stream at the bottom concludes the content of this focused and concise homepage.

The sticky main menu provides further guidance and moves the visitors down the funnel towards the reservations option. It covers all the essentials of the restaurant's menu as well as available events. Also, you can check out some of the best restaurant menu designs here.

With very few graphic elements and visual aids, the website lets hi-res images and professionally-shot videos do all the talking. This understated and hidden simplicity of the website also makes it very fast-loading, ensuring a good UX on all devices.

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