The Female Lead Clean Homepage

The Female Lead is a non-profit campaign dedicated to empowering females and sharing the stories of powerful women across the world. With their focus on the beauty and strength of women, the company aptly utilizes a high-resolution photograph of a woman on the home page. The woman’s image is set against a solid black negative space to place the full focus on her. Utilizing a combination of pale blue and white in the capitalized font allows the words to stand out impressively and make a strong statement.

The Female Lead Clean Menu Design

Accessed from the top of any page, The Female Lead employs a hamburger menu icon in pale blue. Opening the menu creates an entirely separate page. With a heavy amount of white negative space, the company adds slight intrigue by enlarging their logo. They place a small portion of it on the right side of the page in an angled position. Not only does this incite interest, but it is also a smart way to break up the white on the screen.

Page titles are left-aligned on the menu screen in bold and capitalized font. As a tracking mechanism, the page being currently viewed is highlighted in a blue color that coordinates with the color of the logo in the background, creating a dynamic effect.

The Female Lead Clean Website Design

In a new approach to informing users about who they are, The Female Lead incorporates the use of a slider on their “About” page. This slider condenses the amount of information given to users while adding a diverse flair to the website’s setup.

High-resolution photographs of strong women make a powerful statement. Adding to the regality of the images, sheer purple text boxes are used to display information. Within the text boxes, users are given access to navigation tools to move back and forth between the images.

The Female Lead Clean Contact Page

Need to know more about The Female Lead and how they can impact your life? The company makes contacting them simple with a plugin form. Diagonally divided, the contact page uses a combination of a high-resolution image and a segment of white negative space for a dynamic and unique appearance.

To empower women and help them discover their true inner strength, The Female Lead offers a dynamic platform that showcases the strength of women and the way they can impact the world. With a combination of powerful colors and high-definition photographs, the website bleeds an air of strength that users can draw upon as they dive into the company.

The Female Lead is a clean website design in the Non-Profit industry.