Build Your Best Day Creative Homepage

Build Your Best Day is an interactive web experience that is committed to raising awareness of the benefit and ease of an active lifestyle. The experience allows users to plan a hypothetical days of activities, and see the health benefits they’d sustain from that particular regimen of activities.

This home page uses selective design elements to create an equally engaging and motivational user experience. The translucent cloud icons present throughout the background create a certain sense of the outdoors, happiness, and play.

The textual interface engages users in a personalized context, continually using words like “You” and other select vocabulary meant to make the navigation of the site feel more like a personal quest.

By including a background design that is light and outdoorsy, complimented by a personally engaging body of text, the designer has effectively initiated the site’s playful process.

Build Your Best Day Creative Website Design

This is the interface from which users can plan their day of activities. The circular icons span from the left to the right, moving from the number 1 to the number 5. In addition, the color scheme and graphic elements of the page continually change from left to right.

This creates a sense of progression, effectively communicating that the selection of activities is meant to fill a user’s time morning, noon, and night.

This helps put users in the proper frame of mind to best plan their day of activities. The visual composition of the left contrasts with the right, implanting in the user’s head that each activity will occupy a certain portion of their day. This creates a more immersive experience as the interface simulates both space and time.

Build Your Best Day Playful Website Design

Users fill out the activity by clicking on each of the numbered circles and accessing this menu. Each activity is put into a category for users to choose from, and each is given aplayful icon to represent it’s attached activity. This continues the sense of play and immersion that the previous two pages have continually established.

Users fill out the form in an interactive and pleasingly visual way, finding themselves so caught up in the fun of the site that they might not even realize they’re planning a lineup of health focused activities.

Build Your Best Day is a creative website design in the Arts & Recreation and Non-Profit industries.