Softcut Web Design Design

Standout Features:

  • Blue and teal palette
  • News ticker-inspired design
  • Uncluttered layout

SOFTCUT's web design delivers a vibrant and inclusive spirit through design elements emphasizing individuality and clarity. Designed by Fundae, the website oozes with a striking blue and teal palette. This vivid hue is strategically placed to draw attention and reflect SOFTCUT's dynamic and creative community.

The agency elevates the design through its unique headline layout inspired by news tickers. Upon entering the homepage, you'll see crawling texts from right to left in custom-made font styles. This captivating design and equally stunning typography represent the film collective's individuality and creativity.

The SOFTCUT website's layout is intentionally uncluttered, prioritizing simplicity and ease of navigation. The clean design makes the content stand out, providing a focused browsing experience highlighting the group's mission through engaging imagery and written content.

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