The Fit Mother Great Modal Window Design

Mommies are always thinking outside of the box, and The Fit Mother’s web design is a perfect example of this. The website is for expectant and new mothers dedicated to their health and fitness. The Fit Mother’s design features bold images, solid typography, parallax scrolling, and minimal concepts that enhance UI and UX.

When a visitor opens the site, a modal window pops up against the home page. Its deep, peach color and basic serif typeface calls visitors to action, encouraging them to sign-up for a seven-day free trial. There’s an “x” box in the top right corner, which allows users to close the box and proceed to the actual website.

The Fit Mother Great Homepage

The Fit Mother’s home page is a fullscreen format that uses a minimalist and bright approach. The interactive image banner is highlighted against the white backdrop, and the call to action buttons are bright and inviting, encouraging user interaction and site exploration. At the top of each page is a basic menu bar that maintains the website’s minimal and visual themes.

The Fit Mother Great Mneu Design

The hamburger menu on the top right corner opens an opaque menu page. It uses a rich, peach color and simple page titles, making it easier to navigate across the entire website. Again, users see an “x” button that allows them to close the window.

The Fit Mother Great Website Design

The bright and inviting “About” page exhibits a white backdrop and vivid photography to stress the content on the page. The text is well-written and informative, with an inline video on the ride side of the panel. It offers a clean line of symmetry that is aesthetically pleasing to site visitors.

The Fit Mother’s web design uses an interface that’s warm and welcoming. Its soft colors, high-resolution images, videos, and minimal content illuminate the company’s culture and invites women to start on a whole new fitness adventure.

The Fit Mother is a great website design in the Professional Services and Sports & Leisure industries.