Shillington Education Stunning Website Design

Want to love what you do? Kickstart a fantastic and creative career with the help of Shillington University, where innovation meets design with a focus on propelling your life in the direction you want.

Putting a creative foot forward, Shillington University website brings you a visually intriguing home page that exudes the words eye-catching. An grey background makes the university’s choice of purple, red, and green, stand out vividly. These colors are readily complemented by the use of eclectic photographs lining the home page to introduce you to just an inkling of what Shillington University teaches their students.

It’s a captivating home page design that easily draws you in, but if you’re still not sure about how the university can benefit you, take a few moments to watch the slider of video clips the university created. Immerse yourself into the lives of students at Shillington University to see how it shaped their lives and ultimately could shape yours as well. The design builds intrigue and interest through its visually appealing choices and complementary color coordination.

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Shillington Education Stunning Portfolio

Ready to see just how Shillington University prepares its students to rock n’ roll in the design world? Hit up the university’s portfolio section to see just what university students have created in the past.

The white and gray background creates the perfect foundation for letting the electric colors in each portfolio piece stand off the page and catch your attention. The page relies on a grid format for a visually simple presentation. Pieces are lined up beside one another and all you have to do is pick which one you want to start with. As you click on it, the page extends to open up a flip book to show off the different aspect of that particular student’s project. It’s a brilliant way to get you involved in what the students have created, giving you full control over how they impact you and what you divulge in.

The overall vibrancy creates an air of excitement, making you want to stop and look at everything that’s been created. It’s a dynamic way to introduce you to what Shillington University helps its students accomplish.

Through the use of eye-catching colors, Shillington University creates a pleasant user experience that speaks volumes to what students are able to accomplish through the teachings of the university. Portfolio flip books and embedded video clips allow for an immersive user experience that truly amplifies the impact the university makes on the users.

Shillington Education is a stunning website design in the Education and Professional Services industries.

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