Sarah Drasner Design Colorful Homepage

Bringing a vibrant adventure to people all over the world, Sarah Drasner is a digital designer specializing in graphics, animations, web design, and speaking and writing workshops that instruct up-and-coming designers in the craft.

The site expresses Drasner’s colorful creativity by introducing users to an infinite scroll format and using color gradients to bring viewers through different parts of the experience. Users are greeted by a bright and bubbly home screen filled with colored 3D balls surrounded by moving, swirly lines; the illustrations seem to pop right off the page. Throughout the site, buttons move in response to user interest in project portfolios or booking information. Overall, the UX is fun and playful.

Sarah Drasner Design Colorful Website Design

With each scroll, users experience a slightly new color palette -- fading blue hues into purple and purple into yellow. Viewers quickly get to know Sarah Drasner through a short profile and an image echoing the same circle scheme that’s exhibited throughout the rest of the site. The design is action-oriented, and it encourages users to view work, sign up for emails, and connect with this artist in each section of her site.

Two pages of the site interactively outline the writing and speaking engagements Drasner has been involved in, and they provide the option for users to explore more of her work. From speaking engagements in Switzerland to details of upcoming podcasts, Drasner’s site design gives users options to attend, book, or read up on her available workshops. The site maintains a minimalistic approach and highly educational interactions, while using vivacious colors and shapes to continue developing the interest of the user.

Sarah Drasner Design is a colorful website design in the Advertising and Professional Services industries.

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