UPS Clean Website Design

Welcome to UPS, where all your shipping needs are made simple. Whether local or international, they have you covered!

Start your journey with UPS on the interactive side. The moment you come to their website, you’re immediately prompted for your involvement!

An empty map of the entire world fills your screen as you enter the website. It’s deep gray coloring stands out against the white background and brown frame. Pulling from the company’s logo, the map is highlighted in yellow when you click on the continent you’re from. It’s a lively way to introduce you to how far spread UPS truly is, while encouraging your interaction with the company’s website.

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UPS Clean Forms

The reach of UPS is far spread over many different divisions, which means the information available on the company is equally extensive. Your options are endless on where you can take your UPS endeavor.

The page relies on a strong organizational appearance to bring you a list of all your options. The black in the font creates a contrasting color scheme on the page against the pale background. It makes each of your options easy to read, especially with the enlarged font. Overall, the simplistic and organized design of the page gives you a great starting foundation to figuring out exactly where to go.

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UPS Clean Product Page

Want to know how using UPS can benefit your distribution needs? Drop into their services page to find out the extensive options the company has for you! The page takes on a lively atmosphere by making use of vibrantly orange icons to help you find your way around.

Each icon matches up with something the company specializes in as a playful preview into the service. Keeping up with the rest of the site, the list of icons relies on a grid format to make it a breeze for you to take all of them in efficiently. Each icon opens up to another page, so the organized formatting is essential for helping you find what you’re looking for and getting you there quickly.

UPS is an internationally known company that specializes in meeting shipping needs. The wide amount of information collected on the company’s website relies heavily on an organized front to create a friendly user experience.

UPS is a clean website design in the Distribution industry.