USPS Corporate Homepage

Welcome to the USPS, where all of your mail and shipping needs are met whether in person or online.

Keeping current is the main point stressed as you come to USPS’s home page. A vibrant red bar is utilized to alert you of emergency situations that could affect your mail as well as what to do about them. It’s eye-catching, as it should be, and is immediately where your eyes go so you certainly don’t miss it.

Alternating between non-descript photographs and white color bars, the USPS’s home page presents you with a wide array of interactive options to get you going on their website. Pulling from the agency’s colors of navy and white, you’ll find the various fonts switch between vibrant white and muted navy. The choice combination creates an easy to read and manipulate introduction, giving you many options for how to tailor your experience on their website to your needs.

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USPS Corporate Product Page

Skip the trip to the post office and do all your shopping online! Whether it’s boxes, stamps, or wrappings that you need, the USPS has you covered so it can all be delivered right to your doorstep! The no mess, no hassle of the entire concept carries over into how organized the USPS makes their product page. You’re offered two simple ways to find what it is you’re looking for: a playful menu or just start scrolling.

Quirky illustrations line the center of your screen when you head into the USPS’s store, giving you a number of options on products you can buy. The navy color stands out over the white backdrop so you can easily see the store categories. The simple icons are evenly spread out from one another and even utilize dividers so you can tell the categories apart.

If you’d rather just take a sneak peek at the products, just scroll down! The page compiles clearly defined product images from each of the categories you saw on the menu, showcasing a teaser preview of the items you can find. The vibrant colors within each image pops and draws your eyes down the page. The two options are a dynamic way to give you control in how you do your shopping while still ensuring you see everything.

The USPS brings organization and impulse a whole new level as they make sure users catch everything they have. A simplified foundation has all images popping off the page and enticing users through the prompts they create.

USPS is a corporate website design in the Distribution and Government industries.

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