VeilHymn Beautiful Landing Page

Emotional. Evoking. Intriguing. That is the kind of music VeilHymn creates and wants to share with the world. Taking a minimalistic approach to their website, the simplistic style and color selection for the home page is designed to pull the eye of the user toward the name of the artist. The dark color scheme combines shades of red over black to present a silhouette image in the background. As users move their cursor across the screen, the featured images bend and fold at the user’s will in a whimsical effect. The soulful design of the images speaks volumes to the kind of music VeilHymn produces.

VeilHymn Beautiful Homepage

When you scroll down on the page, make sure to turn up the volume on your computer. Upon scrolling down—as the home page instructs users to do—they are drawn in by an enticing music video that is meant to introduce listeners to the kind of music VeilHymn creates.

With its sweet and soulful sound, the music video evokes endless emotion in users as they dive into the world of VeilHymn web page. The video takes on a muted color appearance that complements the color scheme of the home page. Users have complete control over the way the video plays before moving onward to the website’s “About” page.

VeilHymn Beautiful Website Design

Upon exiting the music video, users are redirected to the “About” page where they are able to learn about VeilHymn and their current album. Left-aligned on the page, users are presented with a striking photograph of the album’s cover. The vibrancy and bold colors of the album are complemented by the company’s choice to use a beautiful landscape photograph in full color as the background for the “About” page.

Listed directly to the right of the album cover, the company utilizes a common sans serif font to introduce themselves to users. The red coloring of the font is drawn from the home page. Placed side by side under the description, the company utilizes two icons as call to action prompts—initiating a replay of the video or sharing the album.

With a foundation in heart and soul, VeilHymn lets their music speak for itself on their website. With a minimalistic approach to their design, the platform creates a strong foundation for the music group.

VeilHymn is a beautiful website design in the Arts & Recreation and Entertainment industries.