Opera National de Paris Great Homepage

Paris, “the city of lights,” is known for its art and its opera. The creative gurus at Opera De Paris infused both with imagery to showcase the beauty of the opera. Opera De Paris’ home page is juxtaposed against a black backdrop, and it uses a side-scroll interface. Users can navigate through the banner images of mixed media, which enhance UX and UI applications.

The menu banner uses a light-gray, serif typeface. Users can choose which section they would like to explore, which increases the functionality of the sitemap. In the top left corner, a hamburger menu that opens a sidebar for visitors that prefer a different method to maneuver around the site.

Opera National de Paris Great Website Design

The “About” page allows users to learn about the Opera De Paris and their performing artists. The deep scroll format brings users to an easy-to-navigate gallery, filled with bright images. Every section offers minimal, yet impactful, content that speaks to the flow of the website as a whole.

Opera National de Paris Great Product Page

The initial product page uses a gallery-style format that allows users to scroll through accessible thumbnails. The content directs users to the high-resolution images of the products on the page. When a user clicks on a photograph, they will be redirected to a purchasing page where they can read about an upcoming show and book their tickets.

Opera National de Paris Elegant Sitemap

Opera De Paris' website is elegant and purposeful, using visual concepts to entice users. The sitemap is easy to follow, which enhances the UX and UI. The entire site is an homage to the beauty of opera, and it directly illustrates its artistic expression.

Opera National de Paris is a top website design in the Arts & Recreation and Entertainment industries.