The Telegraph (slide 1)

The Telegraph is a content-heavy multimedia news source from the United Kingdom that has been providing information on current events for 162 years.

The homepage of The Telegraph website is designed after a traditional newspaper. It incorporates a visual and informational hierarchy to display the most important content first, with lines to give each section and article a fixed visual point. It also uses the deep scroll feature, allowing users to view multiple sections of the newspaper at one time. This is great for UX and UI because users can search and find what they are looking for with ease.

While the primary colors used are black and white, the main titles are displayed in varying colors such as orange, red and green to create a break from section to section. This also allows users to easily find what they need.

The grid structure lets the user scan the page in a consistent manner without having to reread content before moving on.

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The Telegraph (slide 2)

The About Us page uses a blue, gray and white color scheme, giving a professional look and feel to The Telegraph’s display of its long history as a news outlet -- from only ink on paper to its multimedia offerings of today.

The top displays a black-and-white image of what used to be the Daily Telegraph, overlaid by a text box with a short blurb about the evolution of The Telegraph. The page then provides a vertical timeline of The Telegraph’s history from 1860 to 2017. The font used is similar to those found in newspapers, giving the reader a sense of nostalgia as the timeline shows the paper’s transition to digital news.

In the upper right-hand corner is a hamburger menu; when clicked it opens up to a full-screen menu containing three columns of links written in white and set against a navy blue background. The first two columns are in all capital letters and list major the sections of the newspaper, while the last column uses typical letter case and lists lesser sub-sections.

The Telegraph’s website design is professional, simple to navigate, and easy to read with little distraction. Each section is defined, and the font is consistent throughout.

The Telegraph is a clean website design in the Arts & Recreation industry.

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