Visa Globe Great Website Design

Visa. You know the name. It’s an internationally known company after all! But do you know how far spread they truly are? Hop onto the Visa Globe website to see just how much of an impact they truly have.

A wide blue world shaded in partial darkness. That’s the introductory image you’re drawn into as you land on Visa Globe. The single page site offers up a minimal platform for you to gain insight on the concept behind the website. White words are a stark contrast with the rich coloring. The combination is brilliant as it draws your attention straight to the most important bit of information you’ll come across on the page.

The placement of the words on the left side of the page is reminiscent of reading left to right as in it draws your attention from the words into the image. The choice is a smart one as it relies on your natural instincts to move you across the page.

Ready to see the high impact that Visa has on the world? Hit the scroll button or simply touch the screen to activate the interactive experience they have waiting for you! When you do, the words fade back into darkness and the globe lights up! Giving you a digital feeling, the continents are comprised of miniature dots. The choice clearly brings you into the digital realm, where a majority of businesses have headed.

Take time to move your cursor around the screen to activate the effects of the globe. It rotates, spins, and follows your cursor, giving you access to the entirety of the world. When you rotate the world, keep an eye out for the number of cities that make their appearance as you do.

These various cities are places of major business for Visa and they’re ready to give you a bit of insight on the path of money created with their company. So, go ahead! Pick a city! The moment you do, the name will enlarge for you to more easily read. Vibrant orange paths light up the globe, wrapping around to connect cities both named and unnamed. The beautiful design stands against the dark globe and gives you a new insight to how the money can be tracked globally.

Visa Globe presents a new idea in a new way by relying on an experimental and visually stunning design. The simplified one page approach makes it easy for users to be drawn into the interactive design, letting them fully experience Visa Globe as it was meant to be experienced.

Visa Globe is a great website design in the Banking & Finance industry.

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