Jemimah Barnett Elegant Homepage

Jemimah Barnett is an independent property advisor based in London, who spends her time helping independent investors find their ideal property and making the required negotiations go smoothly.

An elegant and regal woman, Jemimah Barnett embeds an enlarged, high-resolution photograph of herself in the center of the home page. The photograph is set against a faded white office space as the negative background, making her image the central focus. The same background is used underneath her portrait, transformed from white to an elegant pink as a way to create a border around her.

The website makes use of a bold black serif font in order to make each of the statements—like her name—stand out against the soft atmosphere.

Jemimah Barnett Elegant Website Design

To introduce users to the kinds of services she offers, Jemimah Barnett uses a layered slider to present the information. The use of a white text box allows for the light brown sans serif font to be easily readable on the page. Behind the text box, the placement of high-resolution photographs showcases sleek property interiors against a pale pink and blue background. The use of this combination of text boxes, high-resolution images, and a soft negative space creates an exquisite UI for potential clients.

Jemimah Barnett Elegant Menu Design

The website utilizes a simple header menu, accessible at the top of every page. The menu expands downward with the use of the cursor. Standing stark against the softness of the website, the menu is solid black in coloring. A gray sans serif font is used to list each of the pages, blending with the negative space of the header menu.

Jemimah Barnett Elegant Contact Page

Settled against a pale pink and blue gradient backdrop, Jemimah Barnett makes it simple for potential clients to reach out to her. Listed under a bold and centered page header, a simple plugin form is condensed in the middle of the page. Pulling from the colors within the negative space, the fill-in boxes are a beige pink to establish a complementary scheme across the page.

Elegance and graceful charm is exactly what Jemimah Barnett portrays with her website design. The feminine colors and dynamic layers give users an idea of the woman behind the website before they even meet her.

Jemimah Barnett is an elegant website design in the Banking & Finance, Professional Services and Real Estate industries.