Varagon Website Design Homepage UX

Varagon’s Website Design Prioritizes User Experience

Varagon is an asset management company that lends to middle-market companies. Their sleek, modern website design breaks the mold of traditional corporate website designs by creating a seamless and enjoyable user experience that prioritizes visitors.

The overall user experience of the website design improves conversions drastically -- particularly for service-based companies, which aim to inform potential clients. According to Adobe, if given 15 minutes, users would rather read something beautifully designed (although we may not need a scientific study to determine that). However, this great web design impacts a business -- 88 percent of consumers will not return to a website after a poor experience. Varagon took this information to heart and created a smooth scrolling experience that makes information easy to find. 

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Website Homepage Captures Potential Clients With Simplicity

The homepage displays an upward-facing image of New York City. The image is slightly transparent, giving dimension to the background without being overbearing. The image moves slightly as if it were a drone. A white sans-serif font creates a minimal navigation bar at the top of the page, while a more elegant serif font is prominent, making up the logo and signifying important information in the lower left-hand corner.    

Varagon Website Design Menu

Sidebar Menu Is Easy To Use

As you scroll down the homepage, a hamburger menu appears in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. When clicked, a large and usable menu appears as a popup.

This navigation replaces the initial navigation from the landing page, and actually keeps the website design clean by keeping the menu headers easy to find but out of the way, allowing the whitespace to breathe. Meanwhile, the slight rotating motion of the background image keeps the design interesting. 

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Varagon Website Animations

Scrolling Utilizes Subtle Animations

Each page has a fairly deep scroll with segmented slides of information as you navigate deeper into the website. The transitions into the new page are met with tiny movements of text and expanding rectangles. They aren't quite a parallax effect but dissolve in at different paces and from various directions to add an air of modernity to a static industry. 

Just like the homepage background image, every slide has a slow-moving cityscape photograph in the background. They fluidly appear from solid dark backgrounds, growing into drone-like urban photos that shine a new light on the urban, corporate world.

These animations work in conjunction with strong branding to reinforce the company's identity throughout the website as well. Contrasting black and white create an elegant digital destination, and personality is further injected through blue accents. 

Varagon Website Design Negative Space

The Varagon Website Design Employes Negative Space And Large Font

Perhaps the most user-friendly aspect of the entire website design is not its creative effects or intuitive navigation, but its usability. Each page utilizes plenty of negative space and large fonts, which make the information simple to understand and digest. Long gone is the tiny type of corporate website's past. Enter: Bold typography that encourages users to read on, learn more about the company, and ultimately encourage them to become clients themselves.

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