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Design-focused and results-driven, Westwerk is guaranteed to find a creative solution for your advertising needs. With an emphasis on strategy, the company works with you to deliver exactly what you want and more. Westwerk showcases this dedication through a creative website design, comprised of a grid layout, contrasting colors and video clips. 

What better way to impact than to put their logo design directly in your line of sight as you enter Westwerk. The elegant cutout design lays atop a series of video clips. Take a moment to watch through them as they’ll introduce you to projects the company has worked on and even showcase a few people within the company. It’s a quick, but a great introduction into Westwork as you prepare to dive into their website!

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Meet the team behind Westwerk on the company’s About page. Stunningly detailed portraits feature the team spirit the company strives for, catching your attention as the vibrant marker of the page. The happy photographs lift your mood and build your excitement as you move past them.

Additional company features such as their philosophy and workspace are lined down the page. Clear borders are created with the use of pictures or the use of alternating gray and white text boxes. The monochromatic choice gives a sleek appearance while keeping your attention on the information on the page.

Westwerk is a professional website design in the Advertising industry.

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