Nice and Serious Minimal Homepage

Nice and Serious is creative agency dedicated to solving serious issues on behalf of other companies.

The company takes a simplistic approach to debuting their creativity in how they welcome potential clients to their homepage.

To immerse potential clients in their site, Nice and Serious hands over a little bit of the creative control to them by making the page customizable in color.

On the right-hand side of the header menu bar, site visitors will find a little button that -- when expanded on -- opens a color bar.

The color bar allows them to pick what color they want to be utilized on the website. Not only does the header change, but so do several font selections throughout the site.

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Nice and Serious Minimal Contact Page

Nice and Serious works within a wide variety of project mediums, from websites to films. Potential clients are able to view a selection of work they have done through their “Works” page.

Projects are organized in a side-by-side grid format of two projects per row. With a low number of examples per row, enlarged sample images are able to be depicted.

Portfolio pieces are set within a white negative space, letting the vivid colors and animations of the sample images pop. Each portfolio piece includes a gray footer where the project title is showcased in a sans-serif white font.

The company makes use of tagging each portfolio piece through a simple categorization system based on the medium utilized.  Tags are utilized as a search tool, allowing potential customers to search for specific mediums.

Nice and Serious Minimal Blog Page

Nice and Serious keeps a database of thoughts and ideas as an online journal for clients and potential clients alike to read through.

The database utilizes a white negative space in a combination of light grays and whatever color the reader chooses. Journal entries are organized in a varying grid of two articles side-by-side or one article spanning the entire space, depending on where the reader is on the page.

Nice and Serious is a minimal website design in the Arts & Recreation and Professional Services industries.

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