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Supremo Academy's Single Page Website Is Playful From The Start

Supremo Academy is an educational service that trains, prepares, and endorses young candidates who are interested in digital design or advertising careers. They take both current university students and recent graduates, and they provide them with a training program that will help them develop the skills they need to succeed in the industry.

Supremo had a deep understanding of its brand and its audience and has created a web design that keeps these goals and ideals in mind. Through the use of mesmerizing color gradients, exciting motion graphics, and customized animations, Supremo Academy connects with your inner child-like excitement and joy — urging you to jump in and learn.

When you first enter the site, you’re welcomed with a quirky and endearing set of messages as the page loads. It’s inviting, intriguing and cute. It fills you almost immediately with a naive joy and happiness.

From the second you enter the website, you’re entertained — and it keeps you captivated and engaged.

Supremo Academy’s Illustrative Landing Page Creates An Intriguing User Experience (slide 2)

Supremo Academy’s Informational Website Design Uses Emotional Appeal

Supremo’s home page skillfully evokes the values of youth, modernity, and simplicity that the company is trying to convey to potential students. The focal image of the page is a cute CGI scene of a lion tamer with his lion. These motion graphics resonates with the idea of training, and the style of the image breathes a lightness and simplicity that everyone can understand.

It’s cute and humorous, instilling a sense of childlike wonder and awe. It instills a sense of nostalgia in the user, taking them back to simpler, happier times. Who didn’t dream about going to the circus as a kid, after all?

Key elements of this web page are the animations and interactive designs. Users can scroll past other backgrounds — all in a different style of color gradient, from orange to blue and beyond —  all of which focus on one element of Supremo’s services with an equally adorable, playful animation.

This responsiveness educates users about the academy’s process, while also subtextually conveying the fun and lightheartedness of the entire journey. Supremo Academy is a place to learn professional design skills, but it also plays host to an exciting and captivating experience that students will carry forever.

Supremo Academy Cuts Confusion With Motion Graphics And Clear Calls To Action

A highlight of this website is that it all lives on one page, and the transitions that take you from section to section are smooth, fluid and fun. Navigation is simple, all it takes is a few clicks — and they even offer the option of using your keyboard to navigate across the website.

There is minimal copy cluttering the space, and the designs truly speak for themselves with their humor, grace, and novelty. Supremo Academy understands its brand identity and uses clever motion graphics and color to create a design that embodies it.

And considering motion graphics have been seen to increase profits and conversations 49 percent faster, this was a very distinctive choice on the part of the designers that definitely works.

This brand truly puts simplicity first, and their calls to action prove it. In an easy-to-see, clear and bold button, you have the option to learn more. There is no confusing text, no chaotic drop-down lists with multiple options — just one, simple and clear call to action: Sign Up Today.

Overall, simplicity reigns supreme creating a visually stunning design that is engaging, interactive and intriguing.

Supremo Academy’s Illustrative Landing Page Creates An Intriguing User Experience (slide 3)

A Single-Page Web Design Keeps The Experience Streamlined And Simple Across Sections

Supremo’s “About” page is a further extension of the academy’s mission. Here, they’ve detailed, in so many words, the singular mission of the academy. The design is strategic and sparing, holding back on visual elements so that the few pops of graphic really leave an impact.

For example, the yellow highlighted section features a joke that’s meant to cap off the density of the text with a moment of fun. It references the lion tamer on the previous screen, assuring users that no animals were harmed. This little note of whimsy, compounded by the strategic accent of the graphic design, provides another utterance of the Supremo experience as professional, but fun.

Supremo’s testimonial page continues the minimal, colorful aesthetic of the previous page. The speaker is wrapped in a small green triangle, drawing attention to the image. What’s more, the text of the page provides a very personal endorsement and recounting of one student’s experience with the academy.

This continues to assert the alleged frivolity and fun of the experience, while also providing testimony to its effectiveness and educational value. The testimonial page is an important note in the design scheme of the site. In tandem with the “About” page and the home page, it paints an image of an experience that is equal parts practical and indulgent.

Supremo Home Page

Supremo Academy Website Uses Motion Graphics, Color Gradients & Simplicity To Create An Effective Landing Page

Motion graphics and cute animations add personality and nostalgia to this overall design. Humor also plays a major role in the use of cartoon circus animations. Color gradients add a pop of color and add depth to the overall design, giving these animations a stage to perform on. Minimal, bold copy and clear CTAs make navigation simple and effective.

Supremo is a colorful website design that evokes strong feelings of joy and wonder, urging users to begin their own journey to learn a new skill. This web design is clean, clear, colorful and fun — the perfect mix for a website that aims to get in touch with your inner child.