Royal Caribbean CocoCay Homepage Website Design

Royal Caribbean’s Platform Guides Users Through The CocoCay Resort With VR Effects

Royal Caribbean is a cruise line known the world over, with destinations in the Caribbean, Europe and Oceania. But the brand recently decided to renovate one of its most popular private destinations — CocoCay in the Bahamas. And to create excitement for the upcoming reopening, the team created a dedicated website to highlight all the fascinating new installments.

This gorgeous website opens up like a game — with the main screen telling you to use your mouse to scroll through the site. This is engaging and interactive right off the bat, creating a virtual experience that instantly immerses you into the resort.

As you enter the site, you’re brought to an animated representation of the entire island, fit with all of the cool games, slides and more. You can keep scrolling and click to learn about each section, each activity and each experience in a cool and fun way.

It engrosses you immediately, taking you out of your regular, maybe even boring world and putting you smack dab in the middle of the island. This creates a sense of excitement that seals the deal and encourages you to book a vacation with the cruise line.

The VR nature of this website is extremely compelling, letting you create your own experience and explore at your own leisure — just like you’ll be able to do once you get to the island.

There’s happiness and exuberance that emanates from this website and draws you in. And being able to play around with it for yourself really fosters that inner curious child within you.

Royal Caribbean isn’t just telling you what their new island is all about, they are quite literally showing you.

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Royal Caribbean CocoCay Games Website Design

The Royal Caribbean Site Uses Interactive Games To Add A Fun And Playful Energy 

Not only does this website show you what the island looks like and what activities you can engage in, but it also adds a bit of a fun and flirty vibe with the inclusion of interactive games. These are games much like you can experience while on the island, but they also call back to the days when you’d play computer games on the family desktop.

It brings forth a nostalgia from the past and makes this website more than just your run-of-the-mill hospitality sites.

These games inspire the child inside and make the online experience as a whole more engaging, creative and compelling. This isn’t just a website where you’re going to book an expensive vacation that will set you back thousands of dollars.

No, instead this is a destination that offers so much more than that. It’s a place you can play, let it all out and really enjoy yourself.

And the island itself is a physical destination where you can do the exact same.

Royal Caribbean CocoCay Video Website Design

Auto-Playing Animated Videos Create A Sense Of Excitement Throughout The Website

This entire design is visually-driven. This comes from the animated reconstruction of the island as a whole. And it comes from the interactive elements that encourage engagement via scrolling, clicking and playing.

But the addition of video content also helps to provide a bit more context to the design overall and gives visitors to the site a clearer picture of what each attraction, installation and area of the island has to offer.

Video content engages more, with marketers saying it increases ROI better than other types of content. It also encourages consumers to trust a brand and complete a purchase.

The videos here had the potential to disrupt and overcomplicate when paired with the interactive, animated nature of the design. But instead, they actually elevate the design and take it to a level that makes the whole experience more cohesive and intuitive. And they increase urgency, making people feel like they have no choice but to visit.

The seamless integration of this video content is exceptional and captivating — giving users something even more tangible to engage with and giving them even more of a reason to follow through with their reservation.

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Royal Caribbean CocoCay Sophisticated Website Design

Subtle Scrolling Effects Provide Visitors With Valuable Information About CocoCay

Like we’ve said, this website is an image and video-driven masterpiece that captures the heart and soul of CocoCay in an animated design. But the infusion of textual context and more thorough explanations of the resort and its offerings really drive the point of this design home and work as the final steps before purchase.

This entire design looks great, and it’s certainly captivating. But the inclusion of text to offer a more well-rounded picture of this “perfect island day” is the icing on the cake. And it helps to answer any final, lingering questions that users might have.

The text is simple, straightforward but powerful in its informative nature. It educates, inspires and enlightens in a way that leaves users with a positive feeling that lingers.

The scrolling effects create a soothing and tranquil vibe as users peruse through the comprehensive content. And it leads them further along their journey, making it impossible not to complete their journey with a booking.

Royal Caribbean CocoCay Interactive Website Design

What Is The Royal Caribbean CocoCay Resort All About?

Royal Caribbean is a cruise line brand founded in Norway in 1968. Based in Miami, Florida, the brand has a line of 25 ships that take off to destinations all across the globe. It's one of the most popular cruise lines in the world, with a history and heritage it worked hard to achieve.

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The first three cruise lines Royal Caribbean launched include the Song of Norway, Nordic Prince and Sun Viking which all took to the seas within the first decade of the brand’s existence.

Throughout its history, Royal Caribbean slowly began expanding its ships, its offering and its destinations, acquiring a number of new fleets and private destinations. And one of its first private destination acquisitions includes CocoCay in the Bahamas.

This was always a popular destination for visitors on Royal Caribbean cruises, but in the last year, the brand decided to do a complete renovation of the resort in order to give people a more exciting and engaging experience.

According to Royal Caribbean:

This isn’t vacation days spent. This is bragging rights earned. With one-of-a-kind ways to thrill and chill, all in the same day. Like conquering the tallest waterslide in North America, and snapping a shot from 400 feet up in a helium balloon. A drink at the swim-up bar in the Bahamas’ largest freshwater pool. Or a taste of Bora Bora in the only private overwater cabanas in the Bahamas. This is Perfect Day at CocoCay — only on Royal Caribbean®

The newly-updated resort is set to reopen in May of 2019, and to hype the new additions, the brand decided to create their own, interactive website to give people a sneak peek into the creative and cool new experience.

And there’s no denying that this site reels you in almost instantly with its infusion of interactive and stunning design elements.

Royal Caribbean CocoCay Cool Website Design

Royal Caribbean's Website Harnesses The Creative Power Of The Engaging Web Design Elements

Royal Caribbean made a smart decision when it created a dedicated website for its upcoming CocoCay resort destination. It took an old, popular but outdated experience and gave it a refreshingly modern twist — using a web design to create urgency and increase anticipation for the reopening.

And it’s not just the concept that sells — all of the intricate design elements integrated into this site really create an experience all of its own, giving visitors to the site a sneak peek into what they can expect come May of 2019.

This animated and immersive website opens up like a VR experience, encouraging users to use their mouse to scroll throughout the website which is a recreation of the resort itself. Users can see what the island looks like, what attractions are available and even see them in action through auto-playing videos.

There is also the addition of fun and playful games that really lighten the whole experience and capture the essence of the island getaway as a whole — this island is all about fun, enthusiasm and childlike wonder. Take a ride down the waterslide and play with water guns to get that feeling.

But this isn’t just a website based on visuals — there’s text too. With the addition of subtle scrolling effects, valuable information about the resort, its attraction and its services pop up into the screen. This gives users more context to the experience and gives them more tangible information that they can use to make their final decision.

This is a very interactive and attention-grabbing website. It leads users on a creative and exciting journey that takes them out of their current situation and puts them on this paradise island in the Bahamas. And it certainly creates a sense of urgency that encourages people to book their next cruise.

This website is a clear winner in the hospitality department, and other brands can learn from Royal Caribbean’s dedication and passion for its cruises, and its online presence.

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