Roads & Kingdoms Professional Homepage

Roads & Kingdoms is an online journal that focuses on world events and travel. The website uses an ingenious design that combines continuity, visual imagery, and human expression. All of these attributes serve to enhance the UI and UX, making it a ferocious travel and news site.

Roads & Kingdoms captures the attention of visitors by using vivid, high-resolution imagery. The home page is a full screen, auto side-scroll, emblazoned with bold typography and equipped with a subtle menu bar, making it easy to navigate the sitemap.

Roads & Kingdoms Professional Website Design

The website integrates a deep scroll format, improving the UI. The 2x2 gallery-style layout encourages visitors to read their articles. The design utilizes clickbait images with a dark fades at the bottom, highlighting the short description of each article. Although the content in each panel is minimal, its individual power draws users deeper into the website’s concept.

Roads & Kingdoms Professional Events Page

The news and events page reads like a blog. Roads & Kingdoms implements a white backdrop to make the high-resolution images pop off the page. The photographs are strategically placed to break up the article, which plays on the user’s visual perception.

Roads & Kingdoms (slide 4)

Underneath each image is an italicized caption that acts as a nice segway into the article. The professional, classic Times New Roman font forces users to focus on the context of the page, encouraging them to explore the site further.

Roads & Kingdoms (slide 5)

Roads & Kingdoms’ innovative web design offers a new perspective on online reporting. Their riveting articles, fascinating photographs, and original UI and UX make this site a top contender in web design styles.

Roads & Kingdoms is a professional website design in the Entertainment and Travel industries.