Wordcounter Minimal Website Design

Word Counter is an online tool that allows users to keep track of the number of words in a document. The site uses a basic HTML and Javascript format, with colorful backgrounds and simple instructions to enhance UI and UX.

When a new visitor enters the site, a sign-up modal window covers the screen. Its bright, blue background draws attention to the content on the page and the email signature block. Users can leave the modal screen by clicking the blurb in the darker blue panel at the bottom.

The word counter on the home page is self-explanatory, using translucent lettering in the large text box to prompt users to paste or type text. Its blue background pulls the text boxes forward and uses minimal content, so the user can focus on the task at hand.

At the top of the page, there’s a horizontal menu bar that isn’t cluttered with junk or images. Its tab titles are basic, and it has three social media icons that allow users to follow the site on their respective platforms.

Wordcounter Minimal About Page

Word Counter’s blog continues to use their asymmetrical panel format. The blog provides content relative to the website’s structure. It categorizes each post, which are indicated by the colorful typeface in the top left corner of each board. The panel on the right, titled “Resources,” gives users the chance to explore the site’s products. It uses large call to action buttons, further enhancing the UX and UI.

Word Counter’s simple web design allows users to easily learn how to use their product. Its colorful and playful design illustrates its authenticity, and its interesting use of UX and UI applications.

Wordcounter is a best website design in the Technology industry.