Simplicity Consulting Clean Homepage

Simplicity Consulting is an all-inclusive software development company that stays true to its name by being just that: simple. The company focuses on making the overall design of their website a breathing testament to their approach.

The home page opens with a wide, white negative space where the focus is drawn to the complementary blue and black color scheme utilized on the page. The common sans serif font creates a plain appearance to the page so as to not draw attention away from the utilized effects. Whimsical and floating animations occupy the right-hand side of the page for an added entertainment element.

Simplicity Consulting offers aneasy-to-access header menu on every page. The menu features a dynamic combination of a bubbly sans serif font and a blue coloring to create a design that’s complementary to the whimsical animations on the page.

Simplicity Consulting Clean About Page

As a part of the company's “About” segment, they employ an additional section that breaks down the services Simplicity Consulting offers to their clients. The page mimics the layout and theme from the home page. The only addition to the design is a pale, bordered table embedded into the page. Inside each table cell is a light blue logo representing one of the clients Simplicity Consulting has worked with in the past. When a user hovers over a logo with their cursor, it appears in full color, creating a prompt to click and find out more about that project.

Simplicity Consulting is a clean website design in the E-commerce & Retail, Professional Services and Technology industries.

Simplicity Consulting Clean Website Design

A little dash of color and pizzazz is exactly what Simplicity Consulting brings to their portfolio page. They feature a vibrant header with of a high-resolution photograph from the individual portfolio piece. The page employs a white text box overlay within the header photograph to display the client’s basics. The dynamic combination is eye-catching and intriguing, pulling the eyes of the user down the page. Below the header, the company lays out the services provided to their clients in a creative icon and table combination. The table uses flat-designed icons in varying shades of blue to match the overall color scheme of the website.

Simple, uncomplicated, and easy to navigate—that’s the kind of platform Simplicity Consulting has developed for their users. The use of simple icons and high-resolution photographs makes for a dynamic and functional design.