Airgora Awesome Website Design

Love is in the air! But it comes in many forms. Sometimes it is romance, but sometimes it is passion for creativity. Airgora is a digital community of people who love what they create and have collaborated together to showcase their work, products, and designs. This site page hosts their competition for designers to “redefine love.”

Using plum purple headings and stark white backgrounds, the site presents a platform to spark curiosity and creativity. Tiny gray polka dots fill in some backdrop textures, and simple 3-D shapes and text box fill colors appear in soft pink and blueish green, giving the playful design a fun and flirty appearance.

Users can scroll to access information on jurors, prizes, entry information, and rules, or they can link directly to these site sections using headings in light red at the top of the page that automatically move users through the site. Though the design uses simplistic shapes and colors, graphics move in a slightly different pace and plane from text boxes and other content to create a more multi-dimensional visual experience. Interactive functions with colorful headings—such as drop down bio information on jurors—keeps the site engaging and unique.

Sections with a lot of text rely on bolded headings, negative space, and multi-colored numbers to spread out the information so it can be more clearly digested by users. Large lettering makes some sections stand out for emphasis, and users link out to the products, creators, and magazine pages of the parent site by clicking on titles in the purple heading at the top of any page. Keeping things minimal for clarity and playful for connection, this site design effortlessly draws creators into the kind of creative interaction they love most.

Airgora is an awesome website design in the Advertising, Arts & Recreation and Technology industries.