6 Best Fashion Visuals with Stylish and Timeless Designs Fit for a Runway

6 Best Fashion Visuals with Stylish and Timeless Designs Fit for a Runway
Article by DesignRush DesignRush
Last Updated: October 28, 2022

Fashion is one of those industries where visuals matter the most. When hunting for the best clothing, accessories, or cosmetics, customers go for brands that look great at face value, then quality comes next.

Simply put, you must create a visual identity that shines above the rest.

And we’re not just talking about the branding essentials here, like your logo and marketing materials. Visuals encompass everything – from printed collaterals and product packaging to digital assets.

After all, good looks can steal a customer’s heart and make your products irresistible.

Here are the best fashion visuals we’ve seen that will give you more than enough style inspiration to create your visual identity. These examples showcase the most impressive qualities of fashion branding: creative, cohesive, and undeniably appealing (Explore the best fashion website designs).

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1. Nelis Studio by Brity Creative

[Source: Brity Creative]

Standout Features:

  • Chic and minimalist branding
  • A mix of monochromatic and dainty colors
  • Thin and bold typography

Nelis Studio is a Vietnamese clothing line that offers sustainable and casual clothes for ALL modern women.

Having a diverse and inclusive customer base can be rewarding and challenging. Why? You must ensure everyone in your target demographics can resonate with your brand identity (Learn more about the target audience in marketing).

So, kudos to Brity Creative for developing a branding strategy that speaks to a broad audience without looking too generic.

The secret? Minimalism! From the logo to the printed materials, the designers used simple layouts with just the essentials: clean lines, streamlined text, and no-frills imagery. This allowed Nelis Studio’s fashionable pieces to stand out, which is the ultimate goal of fashion visuals!

Dainty colors like beige, pink and yellow blended well with neutral colors, black and white. They also added a touch of gold for that extra elegance and premium feel.

2. Florida by After Exposure

[Source: After Exposure]

Standout Features:

  • Sharp close-up shots
  • Dramatic shadows and silhouettes
  • Various font styles

Commercial production studio After Exposure did a marvelous job putting together this Florida Cover Story for Fienfh magazine.

The main cover is very on-trend: classy, edgy, and fashion-forward. It features a strong image of a woman dressed in black, photographed against a minimalist backdrop to convey simple sophistication.

The designers used a mix of different font styles for the magazine’s blurbs, which can be a hit or miss. For this cover, they used thin, wide, and bold fonts dressed in just two colors, making everything look clean and cohesive. And in the end, it’s a hit!

Here’s what completely elevated the visuals: lighting techniques. The photographers played with different silhouettes, making the images more dramatic and captivating. The spotlight cast different shadows onto the model’s figure, such as plants, clouds, and other naturalistic shapes.

This creative direction successfully captures what this magazine issue is about: a “cooler and chic summer that brings good inspiration.”

3. Fashion Flair by Benchmark Experiential Marketing

[Source: Benchmark Experiential Marketing]

Standout Features:

  • Tropical-themed visuals
  • Neon aesthetic
  • Dark theme with flashy colors

Fashion Flair 2022 is an experiential marketing project that brings fashion enthusiasts together to discuss ideas, trends, and opportunities. The event’s setup was designed by Benchmark Experiential Marketing, and the visuals are simply enchanting.

Located in City Centre Almaza in Egypt, the “Fashion Hangout” is sure to attract an army of style junkies. Bold and bright colors surround the popup; mannequins, standees, ad displays, and LED panels are dressed in blue, orange, red, and purple.

Neon lights in various colorways cover most parts of the space, including the seats, pillars, and the stage. And they light up the entire venue, too. It almost looks like a high-end nightclub but is extra fashionable.

The tropical-themed patterns and layouts also added an exotic character to the visuals. It’s a great match to the event’s theme and location.

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4. Not Your Mona by La Libertad

[Source: La Libertad]

Standout Features:

  • Consistent brand messaging
  • Modern and minimalist visual design
  • Bright colors and sleek fonts

Not Your Mona has an evident and straightforward brand positioning: it’s “not just a typical sunglasses brand.”

The Miami-based company features a more fun, free, outgoing, and somehow rebellious character, which creative agency La Libertad successfully conveyed in its visual language.

They incorporated the brand message in all ad campaigns and marketing assets, pushing Not Your Mona way ahead of its competitors. Kickers like “Not Your Typical Gurl Gang” and “Not Your Season” are the usual brand language (Explore the best magazine ad examples today).

They are also unconventional marketing statements guaranteed to spark potential customers' interest!

With this solid and assertive messaging, using a modern and minimalist approach with the layouts was a perfect balance. Pastel colors, sleek fonts, and sharp images make the visuals look polished and cohesive.

The arch-style letterings and circular shapes also added a layer of chicness to the overall design!

5. Ferret by Backhand Agency

[Source: Backhand Agency]

Standout Features:

  • Classic and vintage-inspired aesthetic
  • Clean and streamlined layouts
  • A combination of vibrant and muted shades

Like the animal, the fast fashion brand Ferret is “sometimes angry and sometimes quiet.” You might wonder how these two extreme characteristics were translated into a single visual language.

Here’s what Backhand Agency did: they used clashing elements but blended them well to make a dynamic yet cohesive visual identity.

The brand colors are the biggest testament to that. They used bright and vibrant colors like red, blue, and green and paired them with monochromatic colors, black and white. That’s two color stories in one!

Additionally, they used vintage-inspired font styles from the sans serif product descriptions to the italicized titles. Then, they modernized it with framed content blocks, minimalist tags, and flat icons.

The designers also leveraged white space on the website and other online portals to streamline the design and drive the customer’s focus to the clothing.

6. Newlook 2022 Campaign by Sebastien Camden

[Source: Sebastien Camden]

Standout Features:

  • Unique perspectives and optical illusions
  • Fun and slick aesthetic
  • Refreshing color story and typography

Multidisciplinary animator, director and designer Sebastien Camden created a series of awe-inspiring videos for Newlook’s 2022 Campaign that gave the brand a more stylish and slick visual character.

Through dynamic perspectives, creative shots and ingenious typography, the visuals conveyed how eyewear can elevate and change your look the way you want.

On-theme design elements like mirrors, distorted glass and transparent curtains created a fantastic visual experience. Reflections, optical illusions, and split-screen images grab the viewer’s attention and hold on to it for 30 seconds.

The campaign also comprised short promotional social media videos designed like the TV ad. Overlaid images, multiple perspectives and stylized text brought out the brand’s fun and eclectic personality.

All visuals are unique, yet the overall creative direction looks cohesive and well put together!

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