Top Data Entry Companies for Outsourcing Entry Work

Data entry companies manage business information by inputting data into a database on a computer or cloud-based server.
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Top Value Propositions and Differentiating Factors of the Best Data Entry Companies


The need for data entry services is rising for many U.S. businesses. Handling data entry in-house can quickly become too costly to sustain, and outsourcing the task is a natural solution. Outsourcing companies have quickly stepped in to fulfill the data entry needs of modern businesses. From document translation and audio transcription, to application forms and invoice and billing entry, there are data entry companies that can handle practically anything you throw at them.

Before jumping into an agreement with a data entry partner, however, it’s important to carefully evaluate your options. Some companies are more reputable than others, and with something as sensitive as company data you’ll want to be sure you’re putting yourself in good hands. Summed up below are some of the key differentiating factors to look for when evaluating your options for data entry services.

Top data entry companies conduct employee training

While data entry might seem like a simple enough task at first glance, in fact it’s a job that requires some level of skill. Some simple data entry jobs like application forms entry and product information entry may require only minimal training. More complex tasks like medical billing and transcription services can require certification and higher levels of training. Regardless of the complexity of the project, top data entry companies maintain a workforce of trained employees who are responsible to meet the company’s standards. Skills like fast typing speeds and excel proficiency should be required. Training ensures a minimum quality of work and should reassure clients that data clerks are up to speed with data security standards.

Effective data entry companies have supervised teams

When you’re outsourcing back-office tasks like data entry, you should ideally not only save employee time completing the tasks you’re outsourcing but also save manager time in overseeing the project. The best data entry companies organize teams of data entry specialists for each project, and every team is headed up by a supervisor. This supervisor will be responsible for hitting deadlines and milestones, and for reporting back to the client. Having a streamlined communication process with a single point of contact helps minimize management time on the client side.

The best data entry companies guarantee accuracy

Outsourced services are only useful if they’re executed effectively. Particularly with data entry and processing, accuracy is paramount. Incomplete, partial, or incorrect records can cause headaches down the line. Top data entry companies will often make guarantees about data accuracy and they’re eager to promote their quality control processes to prospective clients. Be sure to ask how the service provider ensures accuracy and what the protocol is for dealing with data entry issues.

Good data entry partners offer flexibility

Flexibility is an important attribute of a data entry partner. First of all, the company should be flexible in terms of project size. Many top data entry companies can take on projects of all sizes, with the resources in-house to handle even large, complex projects. If your needs are simple and limited in scope, then scalability may not be a chief concern, but for business with data entry needs that may grow, the data entry company’s ability to scale should certainly be a consideration. Second of all, you’ll want to get an understanding of the options for pricing of data entry services. Many companies can offer flexible models that allow clients to pay by the hour, by the piece, or for dedicated resources.

Finally, for those companies that need data entry done in a rush, it’s important to check what average turn-around times look like, and to ask if there are options to accommodate quicker completion.

Dependable data entry companies take security seriously

Handing over company data to a third party is nerve-wracking for many businesses. It’s essential that any data entry company you choose to partner with, therefore, adheres to stringent security standards to keep your documents safe. Be sure to get a clear picture of what infrastructure is in place to protect client data, and what the process and ramifications are in the case of a breach.

Efficient data entry companies are process-driven

In order for a data entry service provider to jump in and execute a project, they need to have a solid process in place dictating the progression of each project. The best data entry companies are always guided by process. Clear process allows them to effectively onboard data entry specialists to projects and ensure that tasks are completed in a timely manner.

Company headquarters may be a consideration

The physical location of a data entry company’s headquarters may not be the most important factor determining whether or not your business chooses to work with them, but you should be aware of the basics. For example, is the location prone to natural disasters that could be disruptive to your project or result in a loss of data? At a bare minimum, the location of the company will dictate their working hours, which may or may not mesh well with your own.

How data entry companies market themselves

Data entry is, of course, a B2B endeavor, so data entry companies focus their marketing efforts on targeting decision-makers at companies in their core audience. Key online channels include email marketing, display advertising, and sponsored content via sources like LinkedIn and business publications.

Search channels are also major component of marketing an outsourcing company. Many companies are discovered through searches of relevant keywords, so they invest heavily in working to achieve organic rankings for those key terms (also known as SEO), and spend advertising budget on paid search to amplify their visibility.


Outsourcing data entry is a smart way to be more efficient with internal resources and save money on the cost of executing data entry in-house. Outsourcing sensitive materials can be tricky, however, and it’s important to find a partner you’re confident you can trust.

When evaluating data entry companies, these are the top values and differentiating factors you should look for:

●     Training - Does the company train all of its employees on process and security when they hired? What ongoing training and development do they provide to ensure employees are up to speed on the latest standards and technology?

●     Supervised teams - How is your project team supervised? Who is the supervisor and how often can you expect that person to report to the project manager on your team?

●     Guaranteed accuracy - What guarantees is the company willing to make about data accuracy? What is their process for reducing entry errors?

●     Flexible solutions - Will the company be able to handle larger projects should your needs grow? What types of turnaround times can you expect if the project expands? How does the pricing structure operate and is there flexibility in pricing models?

●     Stringent security - What security standards does the company adhere to? How do they guard against security breaches and what is the process in the case of a mishap or malicious attack?

●     Commitment to process - Are the company’s operations guided by a clear process? Is this process transparent to you, and are you informed of how the project will progress?

●     Acceptable location - Where is the company headquartered? When are they available to communicate with you?

Top Qualities of the Best Data Entry Companies


Outsourcing data entry can be an effective way to reduce costs and free up internal employee time for more rigorous jobs, but it means relinquishing some control over your company’s data to a third party. If you want to feel confident that your company’s data is in capable hands, then you need to select a vendor with solid experience executing similar projects. Top data entry companies are efficient operations that have years of experience helping companies complete data entry projects quickly and to specification. Some people may think anyone can do data entry, but the truth is only a company with real experience and expertise can be relied upon to do the job right. 

Speed and Accuracy

Because you’ll be paying a third party to manage your data entry, it’s important to make sure they’ll be able to handle the project quickly. Make sure pricing is transparent and that it incentivizes the data entry company to complete the work in the shortest possible timeframe. Beyond speed, though, top data entry companies will also emphasize the accuracy of data input. There’s no sense paying for speed if the information entered is riddled with errors in the end. Always look for a company that can guarantee both a quick turnaround and an accurate outcome. 


Turning over data to a third party naturally raises concerns about data security. Top data entry companies value the security and privacy of their customers’ data and have policies in place to minimize risk and to ensure that clients are protected. Be sure to ask any potential data entry partner to detail their security policies. Ask pointed questions about what happens in the case of a breach, and what penalty the company will face if such a breach were to occur. The answers to these questions will help you gauge how serious the company is about data security. If and when it comes time to sign a contract, make sure security policies are documented in writing. 


Checking references is a great way to gain further details about the experience of working with the data entry partners you’re interviewing. Top data entry companies make references available to prospective clients because they’re eager to demonstrate the satisfaction of their customers they serve. When you get in contact with references ask detailed questions about the process of working with the vendor and about the outcome of their project. Were they satisfied with the results? Would they work with the vendor again on a future data entry project?


In order to get the most out of your data entry provider, you have to be able to communicate clearly with them. On the client side, there’s much you can do upfront to outline your goals and document your needs, but the vendor must also have strong communication skills if the partnership is going to be fruitful. Top data entry companies are able to listen to the needs of their clients and translate what they hear into a strategy for success. They’re transparent about the progress of the project and are proactive about keeping clients in the loop.