What Is An Amazon Marketing Agency?

An Amazon marketing agency is a company that helps brands promote and sell their products exclusively on the online retail platform Amazon.

These professional agencies specialize in:

  • Amazon SEO: Optimizing products and pages to be easily accessible and to rank higher on Amazon search results.
  • Amazon advertising: Creating, launching and measuring different types of Amazon advertisements such as display, sponsored product and headline search ads.
  • External marketing: Promoting brands and products using PPC advertising with social media platforms and Google, blogs, emails and forums.
shopping cart, tablet and smartphone with Amazon display​
There are 6.3 million total sellers on Amazon in 2021​

What Does An Amazon Advertising Agency Do?

The core services of Amazon marketing agencies include:

1. Setting up and launching stores

These specialized companies help brands set up stores and start selling on Amazon. The process incorporates choosing an Amazon selling plan, creating an account, adding products, choosing categories, adding product details and more.

2. Auditing existing campaigns

This step includes analyzing the existing campaigns that brands execute. It helps marketers discover the brands’ strengths and weaknesses, optimize their efforts and improve their strategies.

3. Conducting market research

A team of marketers can’t just rely on past experiences to execute your digital marketing project.

Every brand is different and has a varied audience and products. Creating a winning plan of action requires a dedicated, targeted and customized approach.

Defining the people interested in your offering, understanding their needs, pain points and purchasing behavior will facilitate strategic planning and minimize your marketing investment risks.

4. Defining strategies

An Amazon marketing agency creates custom marketing strategies to help their clients attract more visitors to their Amazon pages and transform them into buying customers.

They will execute different tactics that will drive quality traffic and generate more sales.

5. Establishing visual collateral and messaging

Once your brand and agency decide on a plan, it’s time to create collateral. This collateral comes in the form of visual ads that require imagery and a key message.

6. Creating targeted campaigns

There are several different ways you can leverage the power of Amazon to promote your brand.

You can choose the organic route and boost your own brand, Amazon presence and messaging. Or, you can choose paid options to promote your offerings through Amazon advertising and sponsored content.

An Amazon advertising agency will work with you to develop a targeted plan that meets your key performance indicators (KPIs) with ease.

7. Monitoring campaigns

Amazon PPC agencies also monitor and manage each targeted campaign.

Once a campaign goes live, it needs to be tracked and analyzed. This will help both your agency and brand understand what works and what doesn’t. Then, you can apply the necessary changes to the live campaign and know what to avoid in future campaigns.

8. Consulting

Most Amazon marketing agencies also offer professional guidance to brands that sell their products and services on Amazon. They share valuable advice to help them rank higher on Amazon and generate more sales.

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How Much Do Amazon PPC Management Companies Charge For Their Services?

The most common pricing structure among the best Amazon marketing agencies is the fee per hour.

The price ranges from company to company and you can expect to pay between $50 and $150 on average.

The factors that will influence this cost are:

  • Project scope and complexity
  • Type of Amazon marketing service needed
  • Company size and stature

When it comes to project-based pricing, most agencies accept projects valued at $10,000-$50,000.

However, the minimum budget spent on Amazon PPC management is $1,000.

The broad price range resulted from the custom marketing strategies needed for businesses to succeed on the platform.

Why Should You Hire An Amazon PPC Agency?

Amazon was the leading US eCommerce retailer with the highest sales in 2020 - $318.41 billion, which amounts to 39.8% of total eCommerce sales.

In 2021, eMarketer predicts that Amazon will reach 40.4% of total eCommerce sales in the US.

With 6.3 million total sellers in 2021, the online selling platform offers great opportunities for business growth.

However, while these numbers highlight the advantages the platform carries, the competition is massive.

To succeed in such a dynamic marketplace, an Amazon ad agency can be the most useful asset.

amazon advertising agency: us companies ranked by ecommerce sales, 2021​
Source: [eMarketer]

These are the top reasons why you should consider partnering with a professional agency:

Reason #1: Spend Your Marketing Budget Wisely

On average, small and medium-sized businesses in the US sell more than 4,000 items per minute in Amazon stores.

With the platform’s virtual shelf space, SMBs with limited budget can cut the costs of:

  • Opening a physical store
  • Creating a website

However, considering the fierce competition, they need to allocate money on different marketing initiatives to put their products in front of their audiences.

Top Amazon marketing agencies in the United States know what tactics work for specific industries and businesses in this dynamic marketplace.

They will consider your unique business needs, create data-driven strategies and ensure you spend the right amount of money on the right sponsored content and ads.

In other words, they will make sure your budget is allocated effectively.

Reason #2: Stay Up To Date With Amazon Policy Changes

All businesses that sell on Amazon know that the platform makes constant updates and policy changes.

The recent ones include:

  • 2021 US FBA inventory reimbursement policy
  • 2021 US FBA customer returns policy
  • 2021 renaming US program policies

Not all updates are promoted and announced regularly. Most changes are published quietly.

Amazon marketing agencies are proficient in the platform and are always on top of these updates. They can help you leverage the opportunities these changes carry and also help you avoid possible risks or threats associated with overlooking them.

Reason #3: Take Advantage Of Their Marketing Tools

Software tools play a key role in executing successful marketing strategies, regardless of the platform.

With such a competitive marketplace like Amazon, they are essential in drawing key insights that help in crafting winning tactics.

An Amazon marketing agency comes equipped with cutting- edge tools and premium software that allows them to create data-driven strategies.

Some of these tools are:

  • MerchantWords - for keyword research
  • Ahrefs - for competition analysis
  • MailChimp - for sending emails
  • And more

Reason #4: Leverage Their SEO Knowledge

Similar to Google’s RankBrain, Amazon has its own ranking algorithm called A9. It uses several criteria to rank products in search results including:

  • Previous customer behavior
  • Buyer preferences
  • Relevance to search keywords
  • Quantity of past purchases of a specific product
  • Product listing completeness
  • And more

However, unlike Google that receives searches with all kinds of user intentions, people search Amazon with an intent to buy.

In other words, when visitors arrive on the platform, they are ready to make a purchase. They just need to decide on the best option.

This is why A9 particularly comes down to:

  • Relevance
  • Performance

For your products to perform well, they first need to be relevant, meaning you need to optimize them properly to make them visible and accessible to your target audience.

This is where Amazon marketing agencies come in handy. With their SEO knowledge, they can make all the difference and place your offering right in front of your potential clients.

Reason #5: Get In Touch With Amazon Support Quickly

All businesses need Amazon’s help at some point or another. And no matter how big your company is, you will often find its representatives to be non-responsive.

Businesses that are just starting on the platform may also get lost in their efforts to get in touch with Amazon seller support.

Amazon service agencies tend to have cultivated strong relationships with the Amazon support team.

They know how to deal with the issues you may experience and can get your questions answered in a timely fashion.

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How To Select The Right Amazon Ad Agency For Your Business

When narrowing down the right agency partner, it is vital to understand the direct impact and benefits of the business relationship you are aiming for. That’s why our team of experts with long-standing agency experience gauge the key performance indicators that companies must meet to be included in our agency directory.

We identified a list of qualifications that agencies need to fulfill to enter our catalog. In the case of Amazon ad agencies, we looked at their proven knowledge of the Amazon marketplace, their ability to deliver greater return on investment (ROI), whether they have well-defined processes in place to produce successful results and many more. This allows us to feature only the best-performing Amazon advertising agencies on the market. You can read more about our agency selection criteria here.

That being said, you should take a set of steps to determine which Amazon marketing agency is right for your business:

Step #1: Evaluate Their Level of Investment In Your Project

Make sure you partner with an Amazon marketing agency that takes the time to understand who you are, what you do and what drives your business forward.

These professional marketers should be able to invest their time, energy and resources into researching your brand and understanding your goals.

An extensive market and competitor research will allow them to develop a customized strategy that will help you outperform your competition.

Step #2: Find Out What Tools They Use

The top U.S. Amazon marketing agencies rely heavily on cutting-edge tools and analytics platforms to create, manage and measure strategies.

They use these tools to conduct research, understand the competitive landscape, pinpoint key audiences, find keywords and follow a campaign throughout its lifespan.

With these insights, your Amazon advertising agency can strengthen your campaigns and drive eCommerce sales.

Some of these tools include:

  • Feedback Genius
  • AMZ Tracker
  • RepricerExpress
  • Keyword Inspector
  • Unicorn Smasher

Step #3: Consider Their Communication Skills

Efficient communication is key to project success since it ensures an easy flow of information.

This is why Amazon PPC management companies should be responsive and reply to your emails or messages quickly. They should define their communication channels and contactable team members from the very start.

In addition, they should also be forthcoming about their tasks and processes during the project and be clear about your involvement, role and responsibilities.

Step #4: Check Their Portfolios

To find the right Amazon PPC agency for your business, you need to dive deeper into their portfolios, case studies and reviews to understand how reliable they are.

These will give you meaningful info on:

  • What their core offerings are
  • How many years they have been in business
  • Whether they have the relevant experience and expertise
  • What type of clients they assist
  • What industries they serve
  • What results they have delivered
  • And more

10 Questions To Ask An Amazon Service Agency

Ask every prospective Amazon marketing agency these questions, before you select the best one:

  1. How will you promote our products on Amazon?
  2. Do you offer additional digital marketing services outside of Amazon?
  3. How can you integrate these initiatives into our overall marketing strategy?
  4. What goals will these Amazon marketing initiatives achieve?
  5. How will these initiatives reach our business goals?
  6. How will these initiatives affect our branding, sales and customer satisfaction goals?
  7. Do you have Amazon-specific goals and non-Amazon-specific marketing goals?
  8. What goals have you reached for previous clients?
  9. How will you fully understand and promote our brand?
  10. What are some successful campaigns you’ve launched in the past?

Takeaways On Amazon Marketing Agencies

Amazon marketing agencies can help you promote and sell your products on the eCommerce platform successfully.

Their cost of services ranges between $50 and $150 per hour.

Amazon offers great opportunities for business growth. However, you should partner with a professional Amazon advertising agency to:

  • Spend your marketing budget on the platform wisely
  • Stay up to date with the platform’s policy changes
  • Take advantage of cutting-edge marketing tools
  • Leverage their SEO knowledge
  • Get in touch with the Amazon support team quickly

To select the best USA Amazon agency for your brand, consider these factors:

  • Understand their strategic approach
  • Find out what tools they use
  • Consider their communication
  • Check their reputation

Best of luck!

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