Porschevolution Awesome Website Design

Porsche enthusiasts can see the progression of Porsche throughout the years on this siteAs soon as the user lands on the homepage, they are presented with the Porsche logo to begin their journey. As soon as the logo is clicked, the sound of a Porsche engine firing up is heard, exciting users' senses. 

A beautiful and simple timeline depicting the history of Porsche -- from the inventor, Ferdinand Porsche, to the founding of the company in 1875 to the foreseeable future of Porsche in 2020. Fantastic parallax helps each "scene" on the page transition smoothly and showcases the progression of the brand. 

The navigation on this site is simple; users can either click on the timeline years on the left-hand side, the arrow at the bottom of the page, or scroll anywhere within the full width of the page. The fonts are two sans serif fonts: Bebas, a bold font used for the timeline, and Eurosti, seen in the body text.

Parallax allows the strong photography of the cars to both shine and alternate seamlessly. It also creates an engaging scroll throughout the years, allowing users to view updates to the body styles, wheels, and other elements of the cars.

Porschevolution is an awesome website design in the Automotive industry.