Roche Bobois Homepage Website Design

Roche Bobois' Website Design Adds An Elegance And Sophistication To Furniture Shopping

Roche Bobois is an industry leader in furniture manufacturing and distribution. The brand adds a modernity and elegance to furniture shopping that changes how people buy furniture online.

There's a focus on craftsmanship, quality and care. This brand wants to connect with its audience and it does so with durable and gorgeous products, eye-catching designs and a tangible personality.

This French retailer creates high-quality furniture for your home that plays on the growing Scandinavian trends in furniture making.

Founded in 1960 by the Roche and Chouchan families, this furniture retailer has a long history of quality products and quality service.

This brand is most famous for its signature sofa -- the Mah Jong -- which first came into being in 1970. To this day, this is still one of their best selling products. It laid down the foundation for this brand's success, and the creative minds behind these products have done everything in their power to expand their offerings, reach and awareness.

To capture this legacy, sophistication and craftsmanship, Roche Bobois knew that they needed to create an online platform that would be just as powerful as the furniture itself. 

And their current website design really hits the mark.

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Roche Bobois Products Website Design

Roche Bobois' Clean Website Uses White Space And Vivid Imagery To Stand Out

The Roche Bobois website design is clean, modern and sleek. The layout is simple and clear, with readable, minimal copy and vivid photographs that lead people throughout the site.

Upon entering the site, you're welcomed with a large photograph that elegantly and beautifully showcases their products and their features.

Images move automatically, leading you further through a stunning gallery of images and products.

Text is clean, white and minimal. It gives you a taste and gives you the resources to learn more with ease.

Navigation is simple and elegant. Product pages are encompassed by a massive amount of white space which adds a cleanliness and an openness to the design. Product images stand out in stark contrast to this crisp background.

And minimal copy and simple product names make the buyer's journey seamless.

Drop-down menus are clear and concise. Calls to actions are bold and readily available. There is no searching through disorganized landing pages to complete your purchase.

Product rollovers show movement that allows users to see what certain furniture looks like in different orientations, layouts and functions. Sofa beds turn from sofas to bed and so on. This is an interactive element that inspires.

This expansive white space and eye-catching photography lead consumers on their journey, enticing them to complete their purchase and add a touch of Roche Bobois to their home.

When it comes to buying furniture, there are a lot of things to consider and a lot of factors at play. Cost is important, as is style and size. Will a piece of furniture look good? Will it fit? Can we afford it?

With all of these questions in mind, brands can't afford to add more anxiety to the experience with a website that is cluttered and chaotic. 

Roche Bobois offers its users a seamless user experience that is clean, clear and focused -- taking away any stress consumers might be experiencing.

Roche Bobois Designers Website Design

The Roche Bobois Website Design Shows It Cares With An Emphasis on History And Heritage

This sleek and sophisticated website puts a focus on its products, but it doesn't sacrifice history and heritage in the process.

History is a powerful tool that this brand utilizes to connect with its audience on a personal level. This brand wants to connect, and it wants consumers to know where they came from.

This comes into play through its emphasis on its "About' page about its history, and through its "Designers" page.

Consumers get an inside look at who created these designs and what their stories are. This is intriguing and engaging. It's a friendly way to go from a corporate, stuffy and luxurious brand to one that is easily approachable.

And these pages stun visually as well. The orientation and layout of photography is purposeful and enticing. 

This brand gorgeously pulls back the curtain to give its audience a more personal look at who they are and what they do.

Roche Bobois About Website Design

Roche Bobois' Modern Website Design Plays Eye-Catching Elements To Entice Consumers

This modern, sophisticated and sleek website is a timeless design that outlines this brand and its products effectively and beautifully.

There's an emphasis on a clean layout, simple navigation and vivid imagery which serves to create a seamless user experience. 

Furniture shopping has moved online, and Roche Bobois is leagues ahead of the competition by offering such a visually stunning and engaging website that makes the process a breeze.

This brand cares about its roots and its quality. They value where they came from -- their history and heritage. You can see this with their emphasis on products, where they come from and who they were designed by.

This adds a personable and friendly quality to this clean and modern website design that allows you to connect more fluidly.

With exciting visual elements, a streamlined layout and a focus on heritage, the Roche Bobois website design is a mesmerizing experience. It's leading the charge in online furniture shopping, and will likely remain a leader with its stunning elements.

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