420Trivia App Features

The 420Trivia App Design Keeps Users Motivated To Test Their Mettle On A Daily Basis

Calibrate agency designs and builds websites, enterprise solutions and mobile apps. The company is guided by simplicity and intuitive user experience (UX) that meets their client’s expectations and attracts and retains users.

With their newest app design, Calibrate managed not only to exceed expectations but also to challenge some of the still present taboos.

The 420Trivia app design reveals a forward-thinking company that is both innovative, as well as progressive and socially conscious.

The 420Trivia is an Android and iOS Marijuana-inspired trivia game that challenges you to test your overall cannabis knowledge. It is a perfect game for an emerging subculture, that despite ample pop culture representation, could rarely find a platform for expressing and engaging with their specific interest.

It is a free app where players can compete, rank and win real monetary prizes for getting the answers right. Whether you are a seasoned cannabis user or just learned the meaning of “420”, test your mettle in this marijuana-themed game.

The 420Trivia App Combines Traditional Entertainment With An Unconventional Topic

Trivia games have become a staple of entertainment and rewarding ourselves for what we know - although the reward is often of no use for anything but trivia games.

However, since the dawn of the digital revolution, the days of Alex Trebek’s cherished “Jeopardy!” and similar shows are long behind us. They symbolically (and judging by some branded quizzes, quite literally) moved to our phones.

There are dozens, even hundreds of trivia apps and games online and most of them present a delightful “waste” of time.

420Trivia combines all the pillars of what makes trivia games appealing, mashing it (or better said, rolling it) with a particular subgenre of mainstream culture – cannabis-oriented culture, music and the product itself.

The main challenge of this live streaming app is a series of multiple-choice, cannabis-themed questions.

The players get to test their overall knowledge in real-time, answering questions about marijuana-related movies, history, slang, laws, medicine, television, culture and the product itself.

Once they answer all of them correctly, they receive prizes through PayPal.

As an active player, you are able to earn extra lives and badges, message fellow cannabis enthusiasts during games and enter spectator mod if eliminated. 

Game app developers foster a comprehensive learning environment by incorporating diverse question categories and increasing interactivity. Now that's a great way to ensure sustained user engagement!

“Play. Win. (L)Earn.”

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Trivia420 App Colorful and simplistic design

The Intuitive UX/UI Of 420Trivia App Design Engages Users Right From The Get-Go

The cannabis industry has experienced skyrocketing growth and changes over the past couple of years. The US market alone is expected to double to $41.5 billion by 2025.

With the marijuana/CBD industry at an all-time high (pun intended) in states like California, 420Trivia app design had to stand out significantly - and Calibrate delivered, crafting a software product that uses the power of the good first impression to the fullest.

Calibrate’s work, helmed by the company’s CXO, Sean Doyce, included UX/UI design, backend and frontend.

As they put it on their website:

“We craft digital experiences that spark joy.”

When it comes to the actual usage and functionalities, 420Trivia App interface design assumes a sleek and functional layout. It reflects how most app designers create an environment where the aesthetic elements enhance usability, leading to an interface that's visually appealing and easy to navigate.

The app architecture and hamburger menu navigation are lightweight and fast-moving, while the actual design is both innovative and simple.

420Trivia App Design Prevents User Distraction With Clever Color Palette, Negative Space And Minimalist Interface

Minimalist interface with eye-pleasing text boxes and micro-interactions helps users jump straight into the game.

420Trivia looks stylish and prevents user distraction with the smartly laid-out color palette.

Rather than using stereotypical green, the app opts for complementary hues of blues, yellows, marguerite and magenta that infuse the whole gaming experience with the air of playfulness and laid-back nature, usually associated with marijuana enthusiasts.

The negative space backgrounds let the app “breathe” and improve the readability of undecorated sans serif font. Branding experts often use this strategy to create a clean, minimalist design, focusing user attention on key elements.

The semi-bold typeface adds to the overall minimalist nature of the app. It is simple and legible, be it on colorful backgrounds or the negative space.

420Trivia App Leans Heavily On Its Pop Culture Roots

Besides questions and pop culture references to the works of “notorious” movie and music icons, the 420Trivia app showcases some of the stars as “Guest Hosts”.

Some of them, like Seth Rogan and Snoop Dogg, have been vocal supporters and unofficial ambassadors of marijuana legalization. Over the years, their professional portfolio reached a cult classic status among the “stoner” community.

In fact, as cannabis “connoisseurs”, both are known for launching their own “weed” brands.

Aware of their unorthodox fame and popularity among weed enthusiasts, 420Trivia cleverly elevates them on a brand ambassador pedestal, broadening its audience even further.

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