Adobe Photoshop Express Elegant App Design

The Adobe Photoshop Express app seeks to make photo editing accessible to everyone -- not just designers -- and from the convenience of the user’s mobile device, where most of their photos are already saved anyway. With Photoshop Express, users can tap their way to gorgeous images and import and export right to/from their device. With the Photoshop Express app users can create collages, add filters, borders, and text, and make advanced image corrections like removing fog or haze.

On launching the app, users are taken through a quick onboarding process that helps outline the benefits of using the app and highlight key usage scenarios. This onboarding process helps ensure user’s recognize the power of the app and understand all its different features.

Following the onboarding process, the user is automatically input into editing mode and their photo reel is imported into the app for easy selection of an image. From there the user has access to tons of photo filters. The user can tap on a look (portrait, for example) and available filters will expand for the user’s perusal. Tap again and the filters collapse so the user can browse other looks.

Overall, the editing tools are as user-friendly as can be expected and build on actions and gestures that users will already be familiar with. Of course, with any photo editing platform there’s bound to be a bit of a learning curve, but anyone who has master Instagram or Snapchat won’t need much time to pick up with Photoshop Express.

The Photoshop Express app is a great resource for amateur photo editors, though some features do require login with an Adobe ID. The editing tools available exceed anything else on the (free) market, and convenient integrations with the user’s phone make this app a worthy editing companion. 

Adobe Photoshop Express is an engaging app design in the Arts & Recreation and Entertainment industries.