BBuzzArt Elegant App Design

Most of us could use a little more art in our lives. BBuzzArt bills itself as a platform for new and emerging artists to showcase their work, and for art enthusiasts to discover pieces and creators they love. The BBuzzArt mobile app puts exciting, avant garde artwork in the user’s pocket.

Navigation of the BBuzzArt app is handled through a tabbed menu that runs along the bottom of the screen. Menu items are represented by minimalist iconography. Helper text also appears when the user selects a tab. The home screen is the “discover” area of the app where users can explore and find new pieces. Every day a BBuzzPick and Curator’s Picks are highlighted. Users can also scroll down to explore artwork by price category, keyword, or what’s trending. The home screen provides many pathways to content discovery.

The app brings the artwork front and center, with large images dominating the visual design. Each piece has a detail page where users can like, share, bookmark, and comment on the work. There are also details provided by the artist so potential buyers can learn more about the piece. Every artist has a profile page where interested users can explore more of their work.

The app does a good job of encouraging engagement with multiple ways to browse and search content, a “Daily Moment”, and personalized content selected and presented based on the user’s preferences and behavior.

Overall, the BBuzzArt app has a slick design and a user-friendly interface that allows the art to speak for itself.

BBuzzArt is an elegant app design in the Arts & Recreation, Entertainment and Professional Services industries.