April Playful App Design

If you love creating photo collages but you haven’t met April, then you’ve been doing it all wrong. April is the ultimate collage app for mobile.

With April users are easily able to create a huge variety of photo collages with only a few taps. The app allows users to select photos directly from their photo stream. As the photos are selected the app automatically begins creating collages in a variety of layouts. These layouts can be explore via a horizontal scroll at the bottom of the screen. To change the orientation of the layout the user simply taps on the icon that represents that layout.

But April is for more than just creating collages. Once a collage layout is selected, the user can implement further customizations to create a truly personalized image. A huge variety of filters and effects is available for users to enhance their images.

What’s better? Each image within the collage can be individually edited, so users can be highly specific about how each image in the set will appear. Users can also create single poster images with a similar number of options for customizations and effects. Once an image is created, the user can save it directly to their phone or send it to one of their social channels.

The April app features a whimsical design done in a pastel palette. The entire experience feels fresh and modern, but not overly serious. The powerful customizations available in the app make it a must-have for photo editors and the creatively-inclined.

April is a playful app design in the Arts & Recreation industry.