HBO Now Elegant App Design

HBO Now is the standalone streaming service from the folks at HBO. An HBO Now account gives users on-demand access to all of HBO’s content, both current and historic.

The HBO Now app makes it easy to access all that content from anywhere, at anytime. The app has a sleek, modern design that keeps within the aesthetics of the HBO brand. Upon launching the app users are shown a feed of Featured content, including the latest recommended content from HBO. A quick switchover to the Quick Hits tab will take users to a feed of clips, trailers, and monologues from their favorite HBO shows. The presentation of this content upfront is a great way to get users to engage with new shows, getting them hooked on more HBO content and keeping them coming back to the app for regular updates.

For alternative content discovery methods, a search button is located prominently at the top right of the page, enabling users to quickly find the content they’re looking for. Users can also use the expandable hamburger menu on the left side of the screen to access their Watchlist or browse content categories like Series, Movies, Kids, Comedy, etc. Within each category, featured content is present in a single-width scrolling feed, which features a poster image and title for each show or film. Each show has a page that allows users to locate specific episodes and toggle between seasons.

The design of the HBO Now app is straightforward, but with a sophisticated aesthetic. The black background and bold white typography work well to bring the content to the forefront. The superb quality of poster images gives the app a very high-end feel, indicating superior quality of content. Navigation is intuitive and makes it easy for users of the app to locate the content they love and discover new favorites at the same time.

HBO Now is an elegant app design in the Arts & Recreation and Entertainment industries.