Unicorn Playful App Design

Adult coloring is certainly all the rage these days. With hundreds, if not thousands, of coloring books on the market, and dozens of coloring apps in the app store, it seems safe to say that coloring is very much de rigueur in the current cultural moment.

Unicorn capitalizes on this trend with a playful coloring app designed to allow adults to de-stress and to help children develop and hone fine motor skills. Plus, it’s just fun!

The Unicorn app features a series of pixelated images for the user to choose from. These are presented on the home screen in a card-based layout.

Premium images are denoted by a small yellow plus symbol -- all other images are free to all users. Images are all rendered in grayscale, so the user doesn’t know what the final result will be until they’re finished coloring.

The Unicorn app functions on a paint-by-numbers basis. Each box within the pixelated image is numbered, and each number corresponds to a color, all of which are shown at the bottom of the screen and can be scrolled through horizontally.

The user simply taps a color to select, and then taps a square to fill it in. The app gives haptic feedback in the form of a vibration when the user colors a square incorrectly.

Unicorn has an appealingly simple layout, which focuses the user’s attention on selecting an image, and on the coloring process itself. A wide range of options is available even for non-paid users, which makes Unicorn a great choice for the coloring-obsessed.

Unicorn is a playful app design in the Arts & Recreation and Entertainment industries. 

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