Trips By Lonely Planet App

Trips By Lonely Planet’s App Design Provides Users With An Easy-To-Use Platform To Share Their Travels

Lonely Planet has been in the travel industry for over 40 years — so they know a thing or two about what makes compelling travel-related content. Their explorations span 95 percent of the world with more than 200 travel experts in their arsenal and 145 million guidebooks published.

Lonely Planet is a leader in travel guides, and one that has, in recent years, turned their travel expertise into a digital destination with the Lonely Planet website. It should come as no surprise then that Lonely Planet is leading the industry with their mobile apps designed for travelers.

Trips by Lonely Planet is an addition to the Lonely Planet mobile arsenal, which includes Guides by Lonely Planet. Trips are distinct from Guides because its main purpose is to allow users to document their travel adventures and journeys in a gorgeous, pre-packaged format.

With Trips, users can upload photos from their phone’s camera (the most common way people take pictures these days).

These photos are used to create a cover photo for the user’s post and to include throughout the body of their travel log.

The user can add a location and title (though one is automatically populated if the uploaded photos are geotagged), and create a travel journal entry documenting their experiences.

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Trips By Lonely Planet Visuals

The Trips By Lonely Planet App Design Emphasizes Photography And Video

While the Trips by Lonely Planet app encourages users to share their personal stories through narratives and in-depth recollections, there is a clear emphasis on visual content.

Stunning photography and exciting imagery make up almost all of the content in the app — and it's this content that makes it easy to get lost in the app reading story after story.

Each story in the Trips and Discover section is represented by an image that captures the experience — it’s a very high quality, exciting and engaging image that pulls users in and keeps them scrolling.

In the Discover section, the different travel themes are also represented by an image that keeps users engaged. These images, however, are also covered in a subtle color gradient to make them stand out even more.

As an app that compels people to travel and share, it’s important that these visuals make a statement. People want to see what it’s like in these places and on these journeys. They want to feel immersed in the experience. And by focusing heavily on visuals, the Trips app helps put its users into the shoes of their fellow explorers.

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Trips By Lonely Planet Clean Interface

Trips By Lonely Planet’s Modern App Design Is Modern And Simple

Upon launching the app, users are greeted with a clean, bright white interface lined with stunning visuals and minimal copy. Photographs and videos take center stage in this app design, and navigation is sophisticated and simple as a result.

The app itself is divided into four sections — Trips, Discover, Activity and your Account. Moving from section to section is a breeze, with a bar at the bottom of the screen showing an icon for each. These icons are simple outlines, but they make navigation and exploration a stress-free process.

You can also upload your own content with ease. There’s a + button right in the middle of the menu bar at the bottom that lets you quickly and efficiently upload your own content — photos, text or video.

In the Trips section, you can check out stories from travelers around the world. Each story is contained in a rectangular box that puts an emphasis on visual content. It’s pleasing to the eye and easy to understand.

In the Discover section, you can look through different categories of travel inspiration — from adventure and hiking to road trips and food and drink. This simple breakdown makes planning your next trip easier than ever before.

Of course, the Trips app features heavy social functionality. From the home screen, users can explore other travelers’ stories, including many “staff picks” approved by the Lonely Planet powers that be.

Users can like and share posts from the app, so it’s easy to keep friends and families connected and to share ideas among travelers.

This seamless integration creates an experience that compels you to plan your next trip — and share it with the community of over 13 million people.

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Trips By Lonely Planet Guide

The Trips By Lonely Planet App Design Utilizes Stunning Imagery And A Fresh Interface To Make Documenting Your Travels Easy

Simplicity and minimalism have become two highly popular design trends in 2018, and Trips by Lonely Planet is taking full advantage of them, utilizing a crisp and clean interface to make navigation and exploration a breeze.

Travel from section to section with ease, share stories and upload content with a few swipes and learn about new and exciting experiences in the blink of an eye. This simple and stylish interface makes use of empty space and bold, minimal typography to help guide users throughout the app.

Not only does this interface make navigation easy, but the apps make great use of visuals to create an app that is visually compelling and stunning.

Whether checking out Trips by fellow explorers or discovering stories from around the world, Trips puts photography first, highlighting these images with subtle color gradients to really make them stand out.

The Trips app is a unique offering in the travel category. This intuitive app design makes it easy for users to create and share sophisticated records of their travels.

Trips by Lonely Planet is a stunning app design that is simply too beautiful and easy not to be using.

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