IMDb Engaging App Design

The Internet Movie Database (better known as IMDb) is an indispensable resource for anyone who loves movies, television, and especially for those working in the entertainment industry. The app lets users access a database of information about films, shows, actors, and other creatives who work in television and film. It’s literally jam-packed with content and is the go-to destination for anyone who ever wonders, “what have I seen him in?” To date, the site has 4.5 million titles and 8.1 million people listed in the database.

The IMDb app is the mobile companion to the desktop version of the database, giving users quick access to the platform’s enormous breadth of content. On launching the app, users are taken to a home screen featuring trailers from upcoming movies. There’s an option to play the trailer or save the movie to the user’s watchlist. At the top of the page there’s also a prominently-placed search button -- a wise idea given the likelihood that most users turn to the app in search of something in particular. For users who aren’t on a quest, the app presents a deep scroll of enticing suggested content they can explore.

The app behaves in the same way the desktop site does -- as a wormhole that gets users exploring deeper and deeper as they jump from a film page, to a director, to another film, to an actress, to a co-star, and so on. The content consumption potential is limitless.

The design of the app mimics that of the desktop site. The background is a muted black, in keeping with many apps in the entertainment industry, and puts visual emphasis on the photography and video stills. The focus of the app is to get users to explore content, and this it does admirably by presenting many pathways to discovery. 

IMDb is an engaging app design in the Arts & Recreation and Entertainment industries.